Millennium Falcon Concussion Missile
As seen in Star Wars Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi when Lando Calrissian flys in and shoots a missile into the
Death Star II's Reactor Core. Based on the drawings in the Star Wars Essential Guide To Weapons And Technology.

What in the world made me want to make a missile? Well I wanted to make a replica that I thought nobody else would have.

So I started looking at my various Star Wars books to come up with an idea and in the Star Wars guide to Weapons and Technology I found the Concussion Missile. So I made up my blueprint using the images from the book and started working on a replica that I hope that nobody else has attempted to create.

My Blueprint with a type-o

So my work began with the gathering of materials that I would need to create this project. I measured and cut the materials needed and started to fit the pieces together.
After the main pieces of the body were put all together I started to add details to the missile.
Now that the body was well underway. I did some measurements and made my template for the fins of the missile. I created them on the computer and printed them out so I would have good templates to work with. I taped the templates down to the plexy glass that I am using for the fins. Now it is time to cut them out.
Here are the cut out fins. They were test fitted and sanded down.

The fins are now primed and ready to be painted.
After priming the fins I sprayed painted them. The details will be added later when the paint is dry.
After I knew that my fins would work the way I wanted them to. I primed the concussion missile body and cone.

After the primer was dry I spray painted part of the missile body dark grey.
After the dark grey area was dry I masked it off to paint the rest of the missile body.

Now that the body was dry I removed all the masked areas to reveal what the missile looks like so far.

Since you do not see what the concussion missile really looks like in the movie I had to improvise on the color.

Now I add some detail paint to the missile body. Rivets were put in place to simulate the covering on the body.
With the detail paint dry it is time to add the lettering on the side.
Now that the missile body is completed. It is now time to add the finished fins.
And here is my finished replica of the Millennium Falcon's Concussion Missile.
But wait! How am I going to display my finished missile? That's right. As I was working on the missle I was already thinking of making a display stand in my head.

So in-between steps, I worked on a custom display stand.

Here is my Concussion Missile on display in my old museum.

I hope you enjoyed watching my progress on this project.