Covert Ops Clone Trooper Helmet

Covert Ops Clone Troopers were drawn from rank-and-file formations who had shown some potential for "dirty work", and were trained by Null ARCs N-10 (Jaing Skirata) and N-5 (Prudii Skirata) in commando tactics. However, the "dirty work" they were sent out to do wasn't always as clear-cut as expected: Covert Ops Troopers were occasionally sent to eliminate other clones who had chosen to desert from the Republic and live their own, independent, lives.

The Covert Ops Clone Trooper was meant to be developed by fans in Round 6 of the What's The Story? feature of Star Wars Hyperspace. However, according to Pablo Hidalgo: "A winning entry was selected, but it became apparent that projects in the works tread too closely to the lore being established in the CO troopers, that the call was made to pull it. Better that than introduce an instant-continuity error."

The backstory of the covert ops troopers was established in the third novel in the Republic Commando series: True Colors.

I did not want to paint up this helmet in a paint pattern that is common. I looked around at the various Clone Troopers that appeared in "Revenge Of The Sith" and nothing really stood out for me. I then took a look at the various Hasbro action figures that are out there. Wanting something different I finally decided on a paint pattern that I wanted to do for this helmet.

There are very few references for this helmet. Unfortunately the best reference is the 2005 Hasbro action figure. I know, it is unwise to use an action figure for reference but for this helmet there are few other choices. I have made the artistic choice to paint this helmet slightly difference and make it more "real-world" to what the Covert Ops Clone Trooper figure is. I hope you enjoy what I am about to do.

I purchased this Clone Helmet off of a fellow 501st member. I am not sure of the maker of this helmet but I believe it is a recasting of a Master Replica helmet. As you can see here I cleaned up the helmet by sanding it, filing out the vent holes and visor area.

After I sanded down this helmet and did a little clean up work I gave it a coat of black primer. I did not use white primer since this helmet is going to be painted with dark colors. When the primer was dry I gently sanded it down to see what the helmet looked like. I thought it look good so I gave it a wash and when dry to start the painting process one step at a time.

I started off with masking off the helmet and then painting the main color. I went with a dark glittery gray color since these Troopers are "Covert" and as I stated, I am going more "real-world" with this helmet.
I used Testors One Coat Lacquer Spray 1849M Graphite Dust.
Next I started painting the dome. In the reference picture and looking at the action figure the dome is a lighter color that has a camo / cloud design to it. I started by painting the dome with primer grey and then using some purple, silver, black and other colors that I had, I randomly painted the dome. I did not paint the dome all cartoony like the action figure. Again I am going more "real-world" and by painting the dome the way I did, I feel was a good choice. I only hope in the end, it works out that way I think it is in my head.
After I let the helmet dry for a day I masked it off again and painted the rear indentation, bevel of the dome and frown of the helmet. Looking at the reference I have these are painted flat and kind of stand out from the helmet. I decided to go that route with my painting of this helmet. I used Krylon Primer Grey.
I then masked off and painted the brow rim and ear buds using Valspar Satin Black. The helmet is starting to look fairly decent. There is much more to do yet.
With a paint brush and using Testors gloss black and silver model paints I carefully painted the two front speaker detail pieces and middle front mouth detail piece.
Time to start with the purple paint. I am using Testors One Coat Lacquer Spray No. 28122 Ultraviolet Pearl.
I masked off the top ridge / fin of the helmet and painted away. I think it is a good purple for this helmet.
Next comes the hardest part to paint with the purple color. After trying to get the proper cheek pattern on the helmet I finally ended up just placing masking tape directly onto the helmet and carefully drawing the pattern onto the tape. Then with a razor I very carefully cut the pattern out and removed it from the helmet. I then masked off the rest of the helmet and painted the purple color. Not to bad, it worked.
Now the final part to paint purple, the mouth area stripe. I simply just masked it off and painted (progress picture not shown). I have also placed on the helmet stripes using decals that I had. I then went and scufed up the helmet in places, added some wear and tear marks basically giving it that used look. I then used some thinned down paint to fill in some of the marks and what not to age it a bit. I then added the vent screen to the helmet and got my lens ready to install. After all of that I do believe the Covert Ops Clone Trooper Helmet is complete. Not exactly like the action figure but close, I do believe I am happy with how this helmet turned out.