Darth Vader's Neck Seal
Based off of the Neck Seal used in Star Wars Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Neck Seal Kit by: Jeffrey Kindall
I have the Supreme Rubies Darth Vader Helmet. I have never been happy with the open back to the neck.
Then came along a kit by Jeffery Kindall that solves my dislike of the open neck on the helmet. So I ordered this amazing kit.

Here is the raw kit.

It comes with:
Neck Seal Shell (vac-formed)
Chrome Spikes
Dental Expanders (castings)
Piston (casting)
Knobs (castings)
Hoses (pre-cut)
Inside Foam Padding (pre-cut)

I first trimmed out the tab flaps and did some sanding of the neck seal. I then drilled the holes in the neck seal for the metal detail parts to attach through.

Here is my reference picture taken at the COSI exhibit in 2006.
The placement is wrong but a good reference none the less.
*This Neck Seal is used in Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith.


Instead of using the resin casted Knobs, I decided to use real metal parts. I looked for some reference pictures and I decided to rivit in some snap parts. They are not 100% accurate but the look good enough. Besides most of this neck piece will be hidden from view.

So now all the metal detail parts are attached.

Again for the Dental Expanders (screws) I decided not to use the casted ones that came with this kit.

For the Dental Expanders (screws) I am using real ones that I got from an orthodontist office. They only come in silver so I will have to paint them gold. Again not totally 100% accurate but I just did not like the casted parts. So they are a little different, not a big deal to me. Besides most of this neck piece will be hidden from view.

So I painted them gold.

As the Dental Expanders (screws) were drying I cleaned up and painted the Piston (casting). I did not want to find something like this in metal and cut it in half. So I decided to use the one that came with this kit.

I then epoxied this piece into place as I was placing on the painted Dental Expanders (screws).

So now all the pieces are epoxied into place.

I cleaned up the two black tubes then epoxied them onto the neck piece.

Then I add on the foam sheeting for the inside of the neck piece.

With some measuring I cut out and added on the velcro to the neck seal flaps and to the Darth Vader Helmet.

Viola! This neck seal for Darth Vader's Helmet is now complete. I no longer have to have that opening on the back of the helmet. I have to say that this kit is a wonderful addition to Darth Vader's helmet.

Darth Vader's Neck Seal is now complete.

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