Mandalorian Death Watch Helmet - The Clone Wars Season 2
Based off of the helmets seen in Star Wars - The Clone Wars animated television series.

My Clone Wars - Death Watch helmet casting came from Watch City Armory.

The Death Watch—or Kyr'tsad in Mando'a—was a Mandalorian splinter group founded by Tor Vizsla, who opposed Jaster Mereel's Supercommando Codex. Their primary goal was to return the Mandalorians to their ancient roots as warriors, and advocated the savage raider mentality of the past. The Death Watch fought Mereel's True Mandalorians for primacy during the Mandalorian Civil War, manipulating a team of Jedi led by Master Dooku into wiping them out at the Battle of Galidraan. When the only surviving True Mandalorian, Jango Fett escaped from slavery, he hunted and killed Tor Vizsla.

The Death Watch scattered and seemingly disbanded until the beginning of the Clone Wars when they reemerged under the leadership of Pre Vizsla, targeting Duchess Satine Kryze of the New Mandalorians. Striking from their hidden base on Mandalore’s moon, Concordia, they orchestrated several terrorist attacks on Mandalore and Kalevala while garnering support from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When Spar founded the Mandalorian Protectors as Mandalore the Resurrector, the Death Watch went into hiding again, under the leadership of Lorka Gedyc, but resurfaced again during the Galactic Civil War, operating out of a base on Endor.

This is the Death Watch helmet casting. As you can see it is as it is.

I then sanded, cleaned up and trimmed out the visor area. I left some of the imperfections
since Boutny Hunters or Death Watchers are not all nice and the Universe is "used."

I put the first coat of primer on and found some spots that I wanted to clean up some more.

With the entire helmet cleaned up and washed, I sprayed the entire helmet with Krylon 51318 Gray Primer. I am using the grey primer as the base coat of color on the helmet.

I then masked off the upper cheek area of the helmet. I decided to paint this area with Wal-Mart's
ColorPlace 20010 Gray Primer. Depending on what refrences you use the colors of the Death Watch
helmets can kind of be tricky so you must decide how you want your helmet to look.

I then masked off the helmet except for where the bluish color will be. I started off with the base color of a paint
that I found at Michael's Arts and Crafts called Design Master French Blue 747. Since I will be layering on the color this color of blue seemed to be a nice color to start with as it matches the refrence material that I am using.

I then painted the red into the ear sections. I wanted to get the red in there before I started layering the blue paints so it does not stand out so much. While layering the paint if the red gets a little dirty that is fine.
With some darker blue acrylic model and craft paints I brushed on the color over the light frernch blue. This is the first layer of blue for the helmet. As it dried I took a fine sanding sponge and sanded off a lot of this blue I had just placed on. As you will it is starting to get a worn in look.

This is the helmet with the first layer of blue applied and buffed off. With the same fine sanding sponge
I buffed other parts of the helmet so it will blend and get that "used" look that Star Wars is known for.

*Not shown - I masked off the helmet again and with Krylon KSCS304 Ocean Blue (the same
light blue that is used on my
Jango Fett helmet
) I lightly sprayed over the blue that I have
done so far. I sanded the blue down and the under color of blue came through. Again I did
not want the helmet to be all nice and clean but have a real world feel to it. There is just
something about a pristine helmet I do not like.

Ok now that the helmet is coming along to what I can say I like, I washed it with a very watered down black acrylic paint just to give it some more of that used look.

I washed in the spots and even with some black paint added some weathering details. You cannot see them in the picture due to the sun's brightness but they are there. You just have to see the helmet in person.

*Not shown is that I masked off the brim of the helmet and sprayed it with the same primer as the rest of the helmet and sanded it down for the grey that is on the brim of the helmet.

I then made a template and cut out the visor from a replacement welders face mask.

My Mandalorian Death Watch helmet is now completed.