Dewback Prod
Based off of the Prods used in Star Wars Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

Some Sandtroopers ride Dewbacks that are large reptilian creatures native to Tatooine. They are commonly used as beasts of burden. They are active during the day but sluggish at night. To control the Dewback creature and other beasts of burden, Sandtroopers used large pole arms called static pikes or Dewback Prods by most. The Geonosians also used similar devices to control arena creatures such as the Nexu.

I created this Dewback Prod for my Sandtrooper outfit. I looked around and there is a Dewback Prod out there for sale but it is highly inaccurate. Being part of the 501st it is suggested that if you have a costume or additional part to a costume you want it to resemble the original as closely as possible. So based off of a few still images that I found I decided to create my version of the Dewback Prod that resembles the one used in Star Wars - A New Hope.

Refernce image that I based my Dewback Prod after.

After I decided how I was going to create the Dewback Prod I gathered all the materials needed and started.

I first started off creating the tip of the Dewback Prod with various items.

As you can see the tip is taking shape.

I then cut the bottom half of the Dewback Prod and capped the bottom end.

For the middle connector I placed a washer in the sealed end to
keep anything from falling through to the bottom of the Dewback Prod.

The middle connector.

I wanted my Dewback Prod to be more than just a fancy stick. So I thought I would
add a buzzing sound to it since I cannot legally add in a real cattle prod or tazer.

For the top half of the pole I added a push button and battery pack.

At the tip of the top half of the pole I added a buzzer.
When you push the button it now buzzes.

The tip of the Dewback Prod in place.

The two sections of the Dewback Prod.
The bottom section looks bent but it is not, it is an illusion.

The fully assembled Dewback Prod which measures 8-feet in length.

Here I am in my TD armor with my Dewback Pole on Patrol.

Here are other Troopers using my Dewback Pole. If you want one contact me, they are for sale.