Clonetrooper Helmet
Based off of the helmets seen in Star Wars Wars Episode II - Attack Of The Clones.

What would a Clonetrooper be without his helmet?
This is a v1.0 Episode II Clone Helmet. Not entirely exact but for what it is, it is a great helmet.

Here is the Clonetrooper helmet straight out of the box and onto my head.
When trying this helmet on I was a bit disappointed at first. I could not seem to get this helmet on my head. You cannot turn it to the side like a Stormtrooper helmet or anything.
You have to tilt the helmet backwards a bit and slip it straight down onto your head. The helmet is a tight fit! You could not line it with much padding at all, just the top really to
make it sit on your head properly. In fact the cheek parts just below the eyes actually touched my cheeks. For what this helmet is worth, it is a great deal. Would I troop with it?
Yes, but not for long periods, and yes there is room to install a cooling fan and mic system into the mouth area and top of the helmet if you choose.

As you can tell this helmet came trimmed out and pretty much cleaned up. There are a few spots that need to be worked on and cleaned
up a bit more. That is what I have done here. I sanded, filled, and sanded the areas where I thought it needed to be fixed and cleaned up.

After I cleaned up the helmet the way I wanted it, not too much it is a battle worn helmet so I do not want it perfect. I painted the inside flat black like I do most of my helmets that I have worked on.

I primed the entire helmet flat white. I did a quick once over just to clean up some of the places that I thought
needed more clean-up work. At this time I also filed out the vent in the nose.

I realized that I did not like the detail piece for the mouth. So I took it out of there!

I am going to create a new mouth piece that looks nicer and affix it into the mouth cavity of the Clonetrooper Helmet.

I realized I had an Episode III mouth piece for a helmet that I did not use. So I cut it down to be used for this helmet.

I filled in the hole of the mouth so later I can glue in the new mouth detail piece. Though not 100% accurate this mouth detail piece will look good once in place.

*I have been informed that some Episode II Clone helmets had a similar detail. It all depends on what reference material you go by, they do difer a bit.

Then I realized that I forgot to file out the side vents of the helmet.

So I marked the vents with a template I made and then I carefully filed out the vents. As I was filing out the vents it cracked the primer on the edges at bit. That is fine for me, it is natural battle damage and I am going to use it.

OK. Now the helmet is ready to be painted. I once again gave the helmet a once over and added a little scratch
here and there some added battle damage marks. The helmet is now primed it white. Let the painting process begin.

Here is the helmet painted in Satin White.

Here I roughly masked off the side through backside of the Clonetrooper helmet to paint the grey rim and back section. After the paint was sprayed on I took off the masking to see what I had.

I am not worried if the paint in not perfect. I will be messing up this helmet to show wear and tear from battle.

Here I masked off the front nose vent and painted it grey.

Now that the helmet is starting to look like a Clonetrooper helmet lets move onto the next part.

Now I have masked off the helmet brow / brim. I painted it satin black.

Now that the helmet had been painted it is time to weather it up and make it look like it has seen some battle.

Here is the helmet weathered up. The pictures do not do the weathering job justice. You just have to see it in person to fully appreciate it.

After I weathered up the helmet I added screen behind the front and side vents.

I then added a piece of red plastic for the rear light and the front mouth piece.

I then cut a piece of plastic for the visor.

Now the helmet is finished!

Again the pictures do not do the helmet justice. It is hard to see the weathering and to
appreciate the helmet you just have to see it in person. Overall I am happy for what this helmet it.