Special Ops (Black) Clone Trooper Helmet
Based off of the helmets seen in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

What would a Clonetrooper be without his helmet? Thanks to T.L. I was able to get two episode 3 "Revenge of the Sith" helmets to use for my Clonetrooper Armor Projects.
These are castings off a Master Replicas Clonetrooper Helmet. I got both of these helmet casting for less than $100.00 I could not pass up this deal!

Here are the two raw helmet kits that came to me. As you can see the helmet kits came somewhat cleaned up. The eyes and vents on the front were cut out and the helmets pre-primed. Each Helmet kit comes with one resin casted helmet that is lined with fiberglass for extra support and a set of resin detail pieces. The helmets are very lightweight.

*The round resin (speaker tips) parts I may not use. I may place in a mic system and replace those pieces with hollow castings with speakers mounted in them.

**I got two helmets so the progress up until the painting and weathering will be the same for both helmets, so only one helmet may be shown during progress.

*I have decided not to use the round resin (speaker tips) or mouth detail that came with the kits. Instead I am going to be using a finishing kit that I got from Fenixprops.

These finishing kits come with the pre-cut lens, speaker tips with metal mesh, a resin mouth detail, vent mesh, decal stickers, helmet trim, and fully padded lined helmet liner.

This is one of the helmets on my head without any prep work.
It is a nice size helmet and they will work well for my Clone projects.

Just need to add the padding inserts so the helmets fit on my head properly.


I started off by filling in some of the spots that I felt needed to be filled in. Then I sandeded and cleaned up the helmets.

One helmet got cleaned up a whole lot more that the other. This one will become the black helmet while the other one I left in some of the marks and dings to help simulate battle wear.

I also coated the inside of each helmet with two coats of clear polyurathane to give it just a little more support.

Now that the both helmets are cleaned up the way I would like. I masked off from the inside the eyes and vents with tape. The tape will prevent any of the primer from going inside the helmet.

I then primed the helmets primer gray.

After each helmet was primed and painted I began the detail paint process.

Not all the painting pictures are shown.

*When masking and painting the white helmet I did not really care if places seeped with some extra paint or that did not get painted properly. Once again I am going to be making this a battle worn helmet since Clones are not pretty. It just help adds to the wear and tear of the helmet.

**I decided not to paint the brow rim on the black helmet.

The (black) helmet is ready to be specialized. I primed the helmet black.
From here I decided how much I want to clean this helmet up if any more. Since Clonetroopers are not all nice and pretty like Stormtroopers I left some of the imperfections in the helmet. This will help simulate some battle damage. This of course is a Special Ops (Black) Clonetrooper so I wanted this helmet to be a bit more cleaned up than the Standard White Clonetrooper helmet.
After I was happy with the way the helmet looked I again primed it with black primer. When that was dry I then painted the helmet Satin Black.

This is the helmet painted up.

With the helmet painted up I added on the black cheek stripes, the front mouth detail, and speaker details.

I decided not to give this helmet a light wash of grey paint like I did the white helmet. I figure since these troopers are a little more classy, they would not be as beat up or dirty as the standard white trooper.

I then added in the red lens and helmet liner. The Special Ops (Black) Clonetrooper Helmet is COMPLETE!

With the flash on you can see my face through the lens.

The pictures do not do this helmet justice. You have to see it in person to really see the weathering on this helmet.