Emperor Palpatine's Throne
Based off of the throne seen in Star Wars Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.

This is a project that I have wanted to create for a very long time. To start this project I had to do a lot of studying of the Emperor's Throne and make some artistic decisions on how to create such an item. I knew from the start that the Throne would not be exact. After I figured out how I was going to create this item I jumped into creating it... I had lots of help from my dad on this project.
This project took us
about a year to complete. When completed my Emperor Throne complete with the Emperor was on display at The Star Wars Celebration III 2005.

Due to the amount of images they are kept small.

To see how I created Emperor Palpatine Click Here.

The first thing in creating the Throne was the base.
I decided to use the largest Christmas Tree Stand that I could find.
The Tree Stand was wired in the bottom. It was then filled with concrete. The wire will hold the concrete inside the bottom of the base. After the concrete was dry carpet was added to the bottom to protect the floor.
I knew I wanted my Throne to turn on the base. So Industrial Strength Bearrings were to be used.
The inside if the Tree Stand was built up so that the Inner Shaft would sit on the bottom Bearring and not move once inside.
Here is the inside of the base with my built up bearring pieces. Also added in are two strips to prevent the barring from falling out later.
Now to make the Outer Shaft of the base. The Outer Shaft is made out of 9" pipe. Once glued on to the Tree Stand the form was filled in with auto body putty.
Here is a look down, in the Outer Shaft.

Here is the Inner Shaft with the bearring for the top and side guards to keep the unit from falling over on the inside of the Outer Shaft.

A look down into the Outer Shaft with the Inner Shaft in place.

A plate was then made for the throne to rest upon. On the bottom of the plate is the other piece of the bearring. All in total I have three bearrings for my Throne to turn. To hold all of this together a long threaded rod was placed down the center and all the base pieces bolted.

Everything is secure and turns. Now to start the seating area of the Throne.
With some Half-Round the bottom of the base got some details.
Here is the bottom of the seating area of the Throne bolted in place on top of the base.
Here is the seating area of the throne taking shape.
 Here is the bottom of the seating area of the Throne taking shape.
Now that the bottom of the Throne is framed in, it was time to start framing in the back part.
 Then the top of the Throne was framed in.
Now that the back part of the Throne is framed in 1/8" wood was used to cover the back and side sections. The Throne is starting to take some shape.

Now the electronics were laid in. With the flick of a switch that will be on one of the Throne's control panels you can light this thing up on the arm rests just like in the movie.

At the bottom I have a plug hanging out so you can attach an extension cord for power.

This is the top and bottom views of the arm rests where the control panels will be on the Throne. The Third Arm is not shown.
Here are the arm panels put into place.
Here is the back padding of the Throne in place. I decided to make the padding out of wood and route them for shape. That way the Throne will have extra support. Plus now I do not have to make the individual padding items. With the same type of wood as the back wood was routed for the seat. The seat part is removable.
Now to start building a skeletal structure for the rest of the side and back of this Throne. Starting with the Arm Rests and Up to the Side the Skeletal Structure was placed in. Then a Template was made for the piece of wood that would need to be cut to fit into that area.

As the two side parts were put into place and the glue was drying the Frame for the Face of the Throne was built and placed. The details that go inside the frame will be added much later.
  Work continues piece by piece for each area to give the Throne it's shape. The back of the Throne was filled with insulation to damped the hollow sound.

Now that all the rough outside pieces are placed on. The backrest of the Throne was completed.

Now the Throne has been taken off the base. Here the bottom was shaped.
While the Throne was off the Base a rubber bottom to a construction cylinder was test fitted. The ring gives the Base a larger / proper look. When the Throne is finished the rubber ring will be placed on the Base.
Now some filling, sanding, and grinding has to be done for a proper look.

There is a long way to go yet on this project. Once again I remind you that my version of the Throne is not exact to the Film Version.

Now that the Throne has the shape and form that I am happy with it is time to prime the entire piece.

After the Primer was dry it gave me another chance to look over the entire piece to see if any more fix up work was needed.

I gave the Throne it's first coat of paint which I sanded down and finished it off with 400 grit sandpaper to make sure the Throne is fully finished the way I want it. After this there is no turning back.

Now the process of painting begins. I based the color of my replica Throne off of the toy that Hasbro made.

Here is the outer / shell of the Throne painted with Gloss, American Traditions, Very Black (5011-2).
Now that the outer / shell of the Throne is painted with three coats of paint it is time to paint the seatback and cushion. I used Semi-Gloss, American Traditions, Purple Fury (4001-4C)
Now it is time to paint the Control Boxes of the Throne. For the borders and inside of the Control Boxes I decided to spray paint them Satin Black.

Now I painted the inside lip of the top part of the Throne Satin Black.

When that was dry I then painted the border with Metallic Silver.
With the same silver paint I painted the details that will be attached to the top lip of the Throne.

Then after the lip was all dry I attached the detail pieces.

I painted the base of the Throne black.

Then the bottom ring will be placed to complete the base.
Now I have finished up the Throne by adding on all the detail pieces. When you flip the switch on the outer right arm rest the lights lite up.

My attempt to recreate the Emperor's Throne is now complete.
Indeed the Dark Side of the Force is with me.

Luke's Lightsaber can rest on the Throne and Light Details.

Emperor with new robe.

At Star Wars Celebration III in Indy 2005. I was asked to display my Emperor Throne in the
NiubNiub Diorama Builders area. Many Star Wars fans took their picture next to my Throne.

Here I am with the Emperor and Darth Vader. The Force is strong in me.