Tusken Radier - Gaffi Stick
As seen in the Star Wars Saga

The traditional weapon of Tatooine's Sand People is the double-edge gaderffii, known colloquially as a gaffi stick. This deadly, axe-like weapon is typically fashioned from scavenged materials. As such, there is much weapon variation among the scattered tribes of Tusken Raiders found throughout Tatooine.

Some Tusken Raiders have been known to dip their weapons in sandbat venom, making them all the more deadly. Spacer folklore has popularized the term "gaffi stick" to describe any particularly mean-looking, large, non-powered personal weapon.

Gaderffii also serve as practical tools for desert survival, as the Tusken Raiders use them as walking sticks along the craggy mesas of Tatooine.

This is the head of my Gaffi Stick. It is made of a semi-flexible material just so it is not as dangerous as one that is pruly solid. The head of my Gaffi Stick is from KingJawa.

To make the head of my Gaffi Stick fit the 1.5" sink pipe with the 90' bend in it I had to dremel out the back of the Gaffi Stick head.
The 1.5" sink pipe with the 90' bend fits snuggly into the Gaffi Stick head. A cover will go onto the back of the Gaffi Stick head after it is all put together.

I then took my 1.5" wooden dowel rod and sanded down one side so that my 1.5" sink pipe with the 90' bend will fit snuggly onto it. My Gaffi Stick is starting to take some form. With the sink pipe fitted into place on my wooden dowel rod I measured the length of what the body of my Gaffi Stick is going to be, a length of 33". I measured from the bend down the wooden dowel rod.

I drilled out the end of the wooden dowel rod (body) for the smaller dowel rod to fit into. After I ground down the smaller dowel rod to fit into the hole I just made I drilled out a wooden donut for the detail piece.

On the smaller dowel rod I once again drilled it out for the spike to fit into. I made the spike out of a square dowel rod formed into a point and ground down the end to fit into the hole I had drilled.

This is what the end part of the Gaffi Stick looks like so far. Nothing is glued into place.
Everything test fitted into place. So far I think this Gaffi Stick is looking good.
I now marked and filed out a design on the end of the Gaffi Stick. I went simplistic on my design.
Here are the fins for the Gaffi Stick. I made them out of wood since most of this Gaffi Stick is wood. I decided to go with solid style fins though there are examples of fin designs with cut out sections.

I then glued my fins to the the end section of my Gaffi Stick.

Here is the end of the Gaffi Stick primed and ready for painting.

Here is the head of the Gaffi Stick all put together.

The Gaffi Stick head and body assembled and primed ready for painting.

Here are the two parts of my Gaffi Stick painted up and ready to be assembled.

This is my Gaffi Stick all painted up.

The Flash washes out a lot of the weathering but it still looks decent in pictures.

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