Star Wars - A New Hope

Garindan, also called Long-Snoot, is a Kubaz who is considered to be the "greatest spy in the Mos Eisley spaceport." 

His eyes are hidden beneath dark goggles, as they are extremely sensitive to the harsh sunlight of Tatooine. With his face hidden beneath his dark hood, goggles and insect-eating snout few on Tatooine know his origins. Many believe Garindan is a wildly wealthy though his vast amounts of credits are only seen when he pays for information. 

Hired by the local Imperial prefect to find two missing droids. Garindan discovered and followed the droids and their new owner to Docking Bay 94 where he called in a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers to apprehend them.  

The droids were able to escape, in part due to the help of Stormtrooper Davin Felth's betrayal when he shot his commanding officer in the back as the Millennium blasted it’s way out of Mos Eisley.

This is the Garindan mask kit that I bought from DEXTAR FX. As you can see the mask is made out of rubber and comes with two dark tinted circles to put into the goggle area and a small bottle of liquid latex.

*The liquid latex is used to mix with the latex paint that you use and if you choose to hold the tinited circles into the eye ports of the goggles.

Here are three views of the Garindan mask as it comes.

You can see here that I cut out the eye ports of the goggles, dremeled out all the holes in the snoot & sew spots and not seen is the hole I cut out of the end of the snoot.

I then washed the entire mask in warm water and with a toothbrush and scrubing brush I cleaned off as much as I could of the white plaster residue that was on the mask.

Painting a Garindan mask is very open. There are not a lot of references of Garindan and there are a few different variations on color and how he is represented.

I painted the shroud or head covering of the Garindan mask first. I used one of the sample size paints from Lowes - Valspar Acrylic Latex - 335-6, Magma. It is a nice dirty grey color that I felt would be a nice choice for this part of the mask.

*The sample sizes of paint only come in Satin.

Next I painted the snout or "snoot" of the Garindan mask. I decided to go more grey with my color choice. Once again I used one of the sample size paints from Lowes - Valspar Acrylic Latex - D64-5. Submarine.

I think it was a nice choice of color that is different enough from the head covering.

*The sample sizes of paint only come in Satin.

I then decided to put in the stitching on the top of the Garindan mask. I used a very heavy weight type of string and laced it through the holes.

*It is hard to get your hands inside of the mask to tie the string.

Then I went ahead with the same type of string and laced it through the snoot of the mask. I started at the bottom and worked my way all the way around.

Depending on how you choose to thread your string the pattern may look different. I went simple and I feel it came out pretty good.

I did learn that the paint I have used on the mask is holding up really well. With all the moving and flipping of the Garindan mask as I was placing in the string none of the paint cracked, flaked or fell off. It will last.

With the mask pretty much painted and the fake sewing completed it was time to paint the goggle area of the mask.

I decided to use a paint that I already had. I used ColorPlace Exterior Acrylic Latex Gloss House & Trim Basic Black / ID: Old Black.

After the Garindan mask was dry I decided to give the entire mask a black wash using a little bit of black paint mixed with water. This gives the mask a worn look that is needed.

I then placed in some elastic into the sides of the goggle area and went around the backside of the mask.

Here is the hardest part of putting this mask together, setting the tinted cut out circles into the goggle area of the mask.

I decided to go a different route. I cut a piece of dark green welding lens into the shape of the goggles. It fits snuggly into the inside of the goggle area.

I then glued onto the front of the goggles the little detail piece. It is not clear what this detail piece is so I used a small washer. I think it looks decent for the few seconds we see Garindan on screen.

This is the completed Garindan mask as is.

But wait it is missing somthing. Thats right Garindan needs a hood. I had an old black fabric hood to place over the Garindan mask while on display. It is not 100% accurate but since this is going to be sitting on a shelf this hood will do. So now this is the completed Garindan mask.

Who knows maybe one day I will create the entire outfit.