GNK (GONK) Power Droid
As seen in the Star Wars Wars Universe

GNK Power Droids were an Industrial Automaton knockoff of the successful EG-6 power droid.

They were effectively power generators with legs and a very simple AI so they could understand rudimentary commands. The came in many sizes to accommodate various tasks. They were commonly found on under-developed worlds that did not have an expansive power grid, or in most mobile military operations.

They often made a low honking noise that sounds like the word "gonk," resulting in the nickname gonk droid or simply gonk. This form of droidspeak was referred to as "Gonkian."

Here is my version of the Power (GONK) Droid.

I used two large plastic containers to make the main body of the droid. Then with some PVC pipe flanges I attached them to the body and inserted pvc pipe for the legs. To cover the legs I used 4" plastic drain tube. For the feet I opted to use small storage containers. Then I added some details and made the front face panel and this is what I came up with. My version of a Power (GONK) Droid that stands 3-feet 3-inches tall.