Han (Greedo Killer) Solo Blaster
Based off of the blaster used by Han Solo in the Cantina in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

I first started off with a replica Mauser that I had laying aroung my studio for some time.
I purchased the Han Solo conversion kit from John at  http://www.blast-tech.com/home.asp 
I marked, drilled, and tapped the holes that will be used to mount the Scope Bracket.
 Before mounting any items to the blaster I went and cut the tip of the barrel off so I could slide on the Blaster Tip to mark where I needed to cut the barrel at for proper fit.

*Always do all of your drilling and cutting before you place on any item so you do not scratch them.
I cut off the barrel and test fitted the Blaster Tip.
 I took off the Blaster Tip so I could work with the Scope Mount. I went ahead and mounted it to the Blaster.
Now I fastened the Blaster Tip to the Blaster.
 I fastened the Scope to the Scope Mount.
Then I placed on the Front Grill.

Here is my finished Han Solo (Greedo Killer) Blaster.