Boba Fett Helmet
Based off of the helmt used by Boba Fett in the Holiday Special.

Actor: Don Francks (or Gabriel Dell?) (voice)

Boba Fett is an interplanetary bounty hunter who attempted to betray Luke Skywalker and the others to Darth Vader by pretending to be a "friend" and gaining their confidence. He did not succeed, but escaped to return another day.

Fett appears for the first time ever in the cartoon during the Holiday Special. He later shows up in The Empire Strikes Back, of course, to hunt down Han Solo for both Jabba and Darth Vader's benefit.

"No lower life form is worth going hungry for... friend."

As you can see the helmet color went from a solid blue to a multi-blue throughout the cartoon.

The helmet I am using is a "mystery" Fett Helmet. I know the guy who makes these so I could not pass up a helmet from him. I went over to the shop and got to help cast my Boba Fett helmet with him. Here it is in the raw casted form, as you can see there is some flashing that needs to be trimmed and removed.

I have this thing about working on resin type helmets. I start off by painting the inside flat black. When that is dry I always put in two coats of clear polyurethane.

I did not paint the visor area black since this will be cut out later for the visor lens.

I did some preliminary clean up on the helmet. By this I mean I cleaned up the flashing, sanded the helmet down, ect. This way I can then figure out what parts of the helmet need to be filled in, sanded down some more, fixed, cleaned up, whatever. This is the beginning of making the helmet pretty and smooth.

I have been working on cleaning up the helmet the way I see fit for this project. One thing to remember is this is Boba Fett; in the movies his helmet is not all pretty but scratched and beat up. In the cartoon he is all nice and smooth and pretty.

On the back the rim is not lined up evenly. So with some bondo I sanded down the messed up area and placed some bondo to rebuild it. All sanded and cleaned up the rim lines up much better now. It may not be perfect but it looks much better.

I also used the bondo to fill in any gaps or straches that I did not like.
Now it is time to sand it all down and give it a once over.

With the helmet all sanded down it is time to clean up the detail parts.

The eye piece that sits on top of the stalk was really messed up and had lots of air bubbles. So I filled it in with bondo and smoothed it out.

Now that I am happy with the way the helmet and deail parts are looking, lets cut out the vents in the back of the helmet and cut the visor out from the helmet. I waited to do this last of the prep work. If you cut out the visor early the helmet is not as sturdy for the rough work of sanding and preping.

Now that the vent slits and visor are cut out from the helmet I sanded and cleaned up the newly cut out areas.

I do believe the helmet is ready for painting. Before we do that we have to wash the helmet and detail parts off with soap and water.

The Fett helmet is now all cut out and ready to go.

This is the Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett figure from Hasbro (2007).

As you can see Hasbro decided to make Boba Fett's helmet and some of the armor metallic in color. I really like the metallic look of the helmet. I am going to paint my Boba Fett helmet in metallic colors as well. I am not going to be making my Boba Fett helmet all shinny and clean. Since the helmet kit has the dent / blaster mark on it I will give the helmet some weathering to make it look a bit used as a Bounty Hunter's helmet would be in the Star Wars Universe, the Star Wars Universe is not a clean universe but a used and lived in universe.

Ok. All the parts are washed and ready to go. I started off with priming everything flat grey. I will give everything a once over and then begin the painting process.

When the primer was dry I gave the helmet and detail parts a look over to make sure it was the way I wanted it. I then sprayed on the base coat with silver.

*Detail parts not shown.

I cleaned up the top stalk part and this time drilled the holes on the top for the two little led lights that will go in there.

I also made my stalk of of acrylite plastic. I added two little pins to the top of it and drilled the top stalk piece so the two little pins will fit in there and will help give the piece support when glued in.

I painted the stalk silver then sanded it down and painted it silver again.


I painted the top stalk part flat black and then gave it a quick rub down, I then painted the stalk part semi-black. Once dry I will paint the details silver as you can see here.

For the side detail pieces I sanded them down again. I then painted them silver.

I am going to have to decide on how I want these to look. On the real Boba Fett helmet these are all silver but one piece with some paint, I am debating if I want to paint the trim on these pieces with blue or not. This will be a decision that will come later.

While the little parts and pieces were drying I took the helmet which I just finished sanding and cleaning up and gave it a wash.

After the helmet was washed and dried I masked off the first part that I am going to paint. This is the dark color on the cheeks. I am using RUST-OLEUM Metallic 7251 Cobalt Blue Metallic.

Remember I am going with a mix between the Holiday Fett cartoon and the Hasbro Holiday Fett action figure for the paint scheme on this helmet.

As soon as I finished painting the helemt I took off the masking to see what I had done. It looks pretty good but I do not like it, the helmet looks to clean. The Star Wars universe is a used universe so I started to scratch off some of the paint. The silver base coat comes through making the scratched off top layer of paint look like real dent and straches.

I used my SideShow Premium Format Figure and my Riddle Mini Helmet for inspiration. I know it is not goig to be 100% like the Boba Fett in the movies but hey this is just a Boba Fett helmet based off of the Holiday Special and the action figure so I can take some liberties.


For one of the side detail pieces I decided to give it some color. I used the same dark blue that I used on the cheeks. With this piece I also scratched some of the paint off to give it that scratched and worn look.
Since I was in the dark blue paint mode I masked off the rear key hole vent. I painted it with the dark blue paint and once painted I again took off the masking and then proceeded to scratch some of the paint out.

As I was letting the dark blue paint fully dry I went back and worked on the stalk parts.

You already saw I painted the silver trim on the top piece. Now I have added in the two led lights. On the original Boba Fett helmet the led lights are red but since my version of the Boba Fett helmet is based on the Holiday Special I went with yellow led lights.

I then attached the top piece to the ear stalk and this is what I got.

Now I am starting the light blue paint for this helmet. I am using Dupli-Color Truck, Van, & SUV T155 Light Blue (M).

As you can see I masked off the back part of the helmet and painted it light blue. Again after it was painted I scratched off some of the paint to give it the scratch and worn look that is on the Boba Fett Helmet. I am really digging this scratch thing.

I now have masked and painted the front lower cheecks. As soon as it was painted I removed the masking to see the paint. Once it had a chance to dry a bit I scratched off some of the paint for that scratched and worn look that I have been going for.

Next I painted the dome. You can see where I masked the helmet off including the blast mark. Once again when it was painted I did the whole scratch thing but unfortunately I do not have the after picture on this step so you will have to wait until the next step to see how it turned out.

You can see in this step how I scratched up the helmet for that scratch and worn look that was done in the step before.

Now I have masked off the rest of the helmet only leaving the visor, sides, and rear trim exposed and ready for paint and yes you guessed it as soon as I painted it I removed the masking and went to work scratching off some paint.

I painted in the little arrows on the top front of the helmet silver. The movie version of Boba Fett one is red and one is green but I felt for this Holiday Fett based helmet silver was the way to go.

Ok so now the main part of the helmet is finished along with the stalk. Now to continue work on the detail pieces which have been sitting to the side all painted silver.

This is the right side piece just under the stalk. Some refrence photos show this piece silver but on my Riddle mini helmet it has color so I added color to my version of the Holiday Fett helmet.
So here are the helmet detail parts all finishe dand ready to go.

As I was looking at my Fett helmet I decided to put on the stripes that are on the movie Fett helmet, I know they are not on the Holiday Fett helmet but since I am going a little more realistic I decided to add them.

So I masked off where the stripes go and painted it with Krylon Bright Idea Yellow. Then like the rest of the helmet I removed the masking and scratched the wear marks into the helmet.

So now here are all the helmet parts painted and ready to be assembled.
Before I assemble the helmet I am going to attach the other detail parts as needed. Here I cut some screen to put over the back side key slots.

I then made a template and cut out the visor. I used a replacement visor for a workers / welders mask. After I cut it out I attached it into my helmet. The helmet is starting to look like a helmet now.


I also at this time added in a ring of foam on the inside of the helmet for the helmet cushion / support.

Ok now I can start attaching the helmet detail parts. One by one they get attched to the helmet.

Ok my version of the Holiday Boba Fett helmet is now complete. I hope you enjoy the images.

You can see that yes the ear stalk is movable.