Imperial Code Cylinder
As seen in the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

Various code cylinders can be seen in the original Star Wars Trilogy. I based my on one of the many designs.

I started this project with JEMM_Company's Automatic Chalk Holder. They match the Imperial Code Cylinders pictures in the Star Wars Visual Dictionary.

Unfortunatly this brand of chalk holder no longer comes in Silver. But it does come in six other colors: Red, Green, Aqua, Purple, Black, and Gold as pictured here.

To make the chalk holder silver you have to sand it down to the bare metal. I used a rough grade to take the finish off and a fine grade to smooth it out a bit.

You do not have to worry about scratches and marks on the chalk holder. They will be buffed out later. The sanding process takes about 45 minutes per chalk holder.

After sanding the chalk holders I buffed them with a wheel buffer.
This buffs out the scratches and marks made when sanding. The
Metal is now smooth and shinny.
For the bottom of the Code Cylinder I wanted to put something to fill it in.
Since you never see the bottom end of the Code Cylinder I had to improvise. I decided to use the caps off of BIC Hightliters and painted them flat black. They fit snuggly into the bottom of the chalk holder.
This is the guts of the chalk holder. I did some cutting
and when placed backwards inside the chalk holder this
becomes the little piece for the button on the top.

I placed button snaps on the top and glued them in to cover the top.
I then test fitted it into the chalk holder.

**There were many different types of caps used in the Star Wars movies.
I opted for this style since it matches somewhat to the images in the Vuisual Dictionary.**

Paint them blue like in the visual dictionary.

Place the painted caps into the chalk holder.
Slide the clip holders back on.
Glue in the painted caps and your are done!