Jedi Comlink
As seen in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

As with a Jedi's Lightsaber it seems that a Jedi creates his or her own Jedi Comlink.
I could be wrong but there seems to by many versions of the Jedi Comlink. It just seems that every Jedi has a different Comlink.
Anyways, I pretty much based my Jedi Comlink off of Qui-Gon Jinn's as seen in the Episode 1 Visual Dictionary with a few differences.

First off I bought a Gillette Excel Womans Razor and cast it in resin.

I then drilled the proper holes, touched it up, and sanded a bit so it looked nice.

There are a few air bubbles in the casting which at first I was going to fill in. Then I thought that I would leave them be to give the unit that worn in / used look.

I washed it with soap and water to clean off any residue after touchups were finished.

I then started to gather the needed parts needed to make this recreation.
Some needed to be modified a bit to fit properly on the unit.
For the tri-wing knobs I took X2 tri-wing beads and filed them down so that they were smooth on both sides. I then placed a small round bead inside the hole with a drop of super glue to fill in it. Then I sanded them smooth.
I then glued the the tri-wing knobs onto the body of the Comlink.

I glued on all parts that are the same color as the unit itself.

I then again washed the unit in soap and water to prepair it for priming and painting.

The painted body of the Jedi Comlink.

I used Plasti-Kote Vehicle Paint VP-60, Ice Blue Metallic. Which matches the color of the Qui-Gon Jinn Comlink shown in the Episode 1 Visual Dictionary.

I then started to add on the detail pieces.

Here is the attanna...

...and the rest of the upper pieces of the Jedi Comlink. Then I added the lower pieces of the Jedi Commlink to finish it up.

Qui-Gon Jinn's Comlink utilizes solder luggs which are manufactured by Seastrom. These are next to impossable to acquire unless you
special order and purchase a case from Seastrom. I have been trying to acquire X3 of these for my Jedi Comlink for some time but to
no avail. So like I said at the beginning, it seems to me that a Jedi constructs his or her own Jedi Comlink.

Here is my finished recreation of the Jedi Comlink!