Jedi Belt Pellets
As seen in the prequel Star Wars Trilogy.

To make the Jedi Belt Pellets you need to buy the Staedtler Liquid Roller Point Pens #415.

*These are the same pens used on the actual Jedi Belts as seen in the prequel Trilogy of Star Wars films.

I took off the metal clasps.
The you need LaMode 1479 buttons. These will be super glued onto the bottom of the pen caps.
These are the pen caps and buttons glued together. I call them units.

Here is a preview what the Jedi Belt Pellets will look like with the metal clasp attached.

I wiped the glued units with paint thinner to remove any impurities that may be on the pen caps and buttons. Then I primed them.

With Gold, Silver, Copper, and Steel spray paint I painted X3 of each of the units.
After the paint had dried I placed on the metal clasps. The Jedi Belt Pellets are now complete.
Here are my finished Jedi Belt Pellets.