Sporting Blaster
Based on the blaster seen used by Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

According to Star Wars Lore, the Sporting Blaster is a low powered weapon used by many. Several styles of this blaster exist. So here is my version of the blaster.

I started out with creating the Sporting Blaster with a gun that somewhat resembled the Margolin that was originally used for this prop. The Margolin was manufactured in the 1950's and is very hard to come by unless you are willing to pay around $350.00 for a somewhat decent shaped gun that could be used for this replica recreation.

I decided not to shell out that much money. Instead I purchased this BB-Gun for $20.00. I could of purchased a toy gun but I did not want that. I wanted my blaster to have a real feel to it.

I disassembling the gun.
With all the parts seperate I sanded off the texts on the gun.
I took 1/2" pipe and filled in the bottom of the gun. Later this piece will be filled in.

After deciding how long the barrel of the blaster would be I created this part. I was going to usse two model engine parts but it was cheaper to created the same round part out of washers.

I then attached it to a dowel rod which will be glued into the barrel of the Blaster later on.

Now I started to create the Barrel Tip.
I used a button part for the emitter part. Looks neat!
The Barrel of the Blaster taking shape.
Now the coil of the Blaster Barrel is being made out of Heavy Wire.

Here is the finished coil on the Barrel.
Now to clean, prime, assemble, and prime the parts of the Barrel thus far.

Now to create this funny little fin that sits on the Barrel.

Here is the Barrel of the Leia's Sporting Blaster so far.
I did not like the ammo clip on this gun so I removed it and created my own bottom that resembles the prop a bit more.
I filled the grip of the gun with some lead and glued the pieces in place with some liquid nails to give the gun some counter balace to the barrel.
I then glued on the finished bottom.
I then added a wooden piece to the top part of the gun body.
Then I glued and screwed the barrel to the gun itself.

Now to created the top body of the Leia Sporting Blaster. You have to first remove the tip of the upper gun body. The front of this blaster needs to line up flat.
On the top of the blaster sits a bracket. I had to create this part.
After this piece was made I attached it to the gun and then filled it in. After it was sanded I primed it.  

 Here is the Sporting Blaster taking shape. It has now been primed.
After the primer had dried I went ahead and drilled the hole in the front for the adjustment pin. I did not put my pin in the dead center. I offset mine just a bit.

I then painted parts of the Blaster Flat Black. After it was dry I went ahead and put on the extra details such as the turn knob and adjustment pin.

Here is my version of the Sporting Blaster.