Luke Skywalker Jedi Lightsaber
Based on the lightsaber used by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.

As always all my replica creations start off by studying the object and making plans or blueprint on how to create the item.
In Three days I created the Lightsaber for less than $15.00 dollars.

After I bought all the required parts to create this Lightsaber I started to put them all together.

A plastic 1 1/4" inlet tube is on the inside of the top piece show to hold the pieces together in line.
I wrapped the small (bottom piece) inner pipe with duct tape to keep it from moving around inside the grip of the Lightsaber.
I then super glued the two components of the Lightsaber together.
I then made the Control Box of the Lightsaber out of some scrap wood.
After I was happy with the Control Box I glued it to the Lightsaber.
I then primed the Lightsabe and sanded down any rough spots that I did not like.
For the base of the Lightsaber I needed something for decor. I ended up with some steel woodruff keys that I ground the tops down to look more like the Lightsaber.

I then super glued the steel woodruff keys to the Lightsaber.

Then I primed the Lightsaber again. Now to start painting.
*My version is about 1/2" longer than my Replica Version.

The painting process...
After the Lightsaber was painted I clear coated the entire Lightsaber. The gloss clear coat that I used took away some of the shine of the silver paint. Oh well.

Anyways here is my completed quick re-creation of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Lightsaber.
*I decided not to include the triangular belt clip. When I was testing on how the Lightsaber
would site on the arm rest of the Emperor's Throne it seemed to me that it would get in the way.

Here is the Real Luke Skywalker Lightsaber that I used for reference.

Over-all I am extremely happy how this quick version of Luke's Lightsaber came out.
Like I said above, not accurate of the original Jedi Luke Skywalker Lightsaber my version
gets the general idea accross that this is Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber
. It is lightweight
and great for anyone who has a Jedi Luke Skywalker costume, or in my case it looks
great sitting on the arm rest of the Emperor's Throne.