Naboo Royal Blasters
Based on blasters used on Naboo in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

The Naboo Royal Pistol has many variations. I based my Naboo Royal Pistol recreation from the image used in the Star Wars - Episode 1 Visual Dictionary which is made out of wood and then painted. This version was most likely used as costume detail. There was also a version made out of metal for the close up shots. Then there are other versions where the pistol is dressed up, detailed differently, ect.

 As usual I always start my recreations with a plan. I start by making my blue-print, list of materials, ect.

I started out by cutting a large dowel rod to my specified length. From there I started to detail it by sanding down the ends and adding carved in details.

Next I started the grip of the pistol. I made a template and then cut it out and traced it onto the piece of wood that I will use for the grip.

After cutting out the grip from the wood I laid it next to the body of the pistol to compair size.

Looks good, now to start working on the grip.

I sanded and detailed the grip.

Then I test fitted the grip and pistol body. From there I continued my work on the pistol body. I took two wooden eggs and cut them down to size for the front and rear of the pistol body.

I drilled a hole in the front egg to hold the pistol barrel which is made from a butane lighter by Grand Gourmet.

The original pistol barrel was made from a Coleman Butane lighter but the exact item has been discontinued. There are other designs from Coleman but I did not like the styles.

The Grand Gourmet model is very similiar in design to the original prop. I decided to make two barrels, one short and one long as seen in the movie.

I now have glued the pistol body together.
Next is the trigger for the grip. Which is a simple piece of wood. After cutting out my trigger I worked it over to fit the grip.

A look at the parts so far. This project is going well!

Now is the time to touch up any last minute details.

I now have painted the grip of the pistol with four different colors of brown to look like wood grain.

The parts all painted and ready for assembly.

To get the shinny chrome look on the body of the pistol I first started by priming it white, then painting it silver. After that I painted it with Chrome Plate Spray by Dutch Boy. I think it looks very nice. Queen Amidala would be proud.

I have painted the trigger silver and attached it to the grip. Now to finish assembly!


Well, here it is. My recreation of the Naboo Royal Pistol.
I allowed my version to utilize both the short and long barrel tips.

The blue cloth kind of dulls the shine of the chrome. In person this thing is very shinny.