Naboo Civilian Comlink
Based on comlinks used by Naboo citizensin Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

This replica is very hard to accomplish, seriously!
This replica is made from the isiBasics Odor Steeler #8580 which is no longer produced (since 1999).

I have been searching for over a year to acquire this item to make the Naboo Civilian Comlink.
After contacting isiBasics and talking with the National Sale Manager. She asked around and found two.

According to the National Sales Manager I have just acquired the LAST TWO Odor Steelers #8580 that is know to exist within the company.
This item is no longer being produced and was made in limited quanities. Your best bet in acquiring one of these is from garage sales, ebay, or Goodwill.

So without further ado, here is my Naboo Civilian Comlink as seen in the Star Wars Episode I Visual Dictionary.

To create this prop all you have to do is take the odor steeler and turn it upside down in the holder to hide the logo.
Then just like that the replica is finished. Looks just like the comlink that is in the E1 Visual Dictionary.

*The black holder comes with the Odor Steeler. It has a clip very similiar to a cell phone. If you put the round button part of a cell phone on a belt the clip slides right on top so you can wear it on your belt.