Imperial Royal Guard Helmet
As seen in Star Wars Wars Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi

The Emperor's Royal Guard, also called Imperial Royal Guard or just Imperial Guard were a highly elite guard unit tasked with the protection of Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor was almost never seen without a detachment of Royal Guards at his side.

Royal Guards wore matching scarlet robes, battle armor (underneath a loose fitting tunic, as it was not visible under the robe), and helmet. Although ceremonial, the red armor did not hamper movement or fighting. The armor bore design influences from the uniforms of the Death Watch of the Mandalore system, the Sun Guards of the Thyrsus system, and the Senate Guards of the old Galactic Republic. Their preferred weapon was the meter-long force pike, although they were trained in the use of many common and exotic weapons and martial arts, such as Echani art. They used a special "combat language" that only they understood, and part of the training included removal of fingerprints.

I started off with a Don Post Royal Guard Helmet that I got off of ebay for cheap due to the helmet having a tear around the lens on the upper right side. This is not a problem for me since I will be sanding down, fixing, and cleaning the helmet up for repainting.
I first rough cut the visor area. I will go and clean it up and trim it out nice a clean. I also put some super glue into the tear of the helmet to mend it back together.
Here you can see that I clean up the visor area.
On the back of the helmet is the Don Post mark. This will not do... I sanded and smoothed the back plus filled it with bondo and sanded it again. As you will see later the imprinted marking is gone.

I then sanded the entire helmet to take the glaze off and prepair it for painting.
I washed the helmet to remove any residue and dust that may be on the helmet. It is now ready for some primer.

I primed the entire helmet with flat grey automotive primer as you can see in the first picture. After it had dried I micro-sanded the helmet to smooth any bumps or parts that were not to my liking. Then I primed it again so it will be ready for some paint as you can see in the last picture.

So now the painting has begun. For the color I was not happy with what you can buy in a can from a store.
I took my Gentle Giants Royal Guard mini bust to a local automotive supply and paint shop and we chose a
color that is close to the color on the mini bust. The color picked is a royal shade of red called Alizarin.

After I had painted the helmet I let it dry for three days. Then I installed the visor that I had purchased off of SL1327 a 501st member.

Here is my finished Royal Guard Helmet.
Will I ever make a Royal Guard costume? Who knows, if I do it will be from the Crimson Empire era with the armor.