Shadow Guard Helmet
As seen in Star Wars Wars The Force Unleased Video Game

Few Imperials knew the true origins of the mysterious and powerful Shadow Guard. They were silent and enigmatic warriors that received orders directly from Emperor Palpatine himself and were often sent to eliminate suspected Jedi and other Force users.

These guardsmen demonstrated Force powers of their own which led many to suspect that they were in fact former Jedi that had been captured, tortured and brainwashed by Palpatine. However, others believed that the Shadow Guards were simply loyal members of the Emperor's red robed Royal Guard who were trained secretly in the basic skills of the Sith arts.

Regardless of the truth, the Shadow Guards commanded a great level of respect within the Empire's ranks and often led elite Imperial commandos into battle against the Emperor's most hated foes. They often called upon the services of the Shadow Stormtroopers during their battle engagements.

They were capable of using a range of Force abilities such as Force lightning, Force Repulse, Force Push and Force Choke.

I came across a Don Post Royal Guard helmet for cheap. I already had one of these helmets painted up red as originally seen in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi and then seen again in Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith. I knew this helmet is somewhat hard to come by and if you are looking for one will pay $100.00 plus dollars for one.

The thing about this helmet was it was already sanded down as if the person who owned it before me was going to paint it plus it was in excellent condition. For the price on this helmet I decided to purchase it. Then I had to decide on what to do with it.
I decided that I would paint it up black and make the Emperor's Shadow Guard helmet as seen in "The Force Unleashed" video game for my growing Star Wars helmet collection.

As you can see here this is how I pruchased the helmet.
I started by cutting out the area for the lens. I will be installing a red lens into the helmet which I bought off of SL1327 a 501st member.
Then I filled in the back of the helmet where the stamped in Don Post logo is located with bondo. When the bondo dried I sanded it smooth along with the rest of the helmet. As I was sanding this helmet smooth I came to realize that it had been painted before, thus the reason for it being partially sanded down when I got it.
The helmet is looking good all nice and smooth. I washed it with soap and water to take off any dust and residue that is on the helmet.

I gave the helmet a once over to make sure it was to my liking then gave it it's first coat of flat black primer both inside and out. Why prime the inside of the helmet black? Well I usually make the inside of my helmets black it is just something I like. But since this is going to be a Shadow Guard helmet I want the inside black so the red is not showing when on display.

When the primer had dried I gave the helmet a once over again. Found a few spots that needed a little clean up and what not.

Not that the helmet has been primed and cleaned up a bit naturally it is covered with dust and such. So into the tub it went for another wash down.

I now have given the helmet a second coat of black primer. When it dried I gave it another once over to make sure things are the way they need to be.

The helmet it looking good am I am happy so I put a base coat of black gloss spray paint onto it. When dry this will be micro sanded. Not to shabby so far!

When the gloss black paint had dried I micro sanded the entire helmet and checked to make sure it was ready for the next step. The micro sanding makes it look like primer but since it is the gloss black smoothed out in my opinion it makes the paint stick better when painted. I think it looks good. After a quick wash it will finally be time to paint this thing for real. I am using Krylon Gloss Black 51601.

Here I am wearing the helmet.

Once the gloss black paint had dried for a few days I installed the red tinited visor lens.
Without further delay here is the Shadow Guard Helmet all painted up as seen in "The Force Unleased" video game!