Spacetrooper Blaster
Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Hope

Specialized Stormtroopers, dubbed "Spacetroopers," are deployed to Zero-G environments such as areas outside the Death Star, space stations and outside of ships. They wear specially designed bodysuits that seal them from the lack of oxygenated atmospheres. Their armor is similar to Stormtrooper armor in design but equipped with rebreather backpacks.
Joe Johnston effects illustrator/ designer, miniature and optical effects unit for Star Wars Episode IV played both Spacetroopers seen on screen when the Millennium Falcon gets pulled into the Death Star. Only one Spacetrooper costume is known to have been made.

The larger blaster used by the Spacetrooper is similiar to those blasters carried by Sandtroopers but with modifications.
My Spacetrooper Blaster is being based on that of which came with the Hasbro's 2008 Spacetrooper action figure.

I first started off by planning out my design for this blaster. I really could not make the stock of this blaster until I knew the size of the barrel. So I started figuring out how to create the barrel and I went from there.
After I had my idea of how to start I cut the pieces to make the barrel of the Spacetrooper blaster.
You can see the barrel is starting to come together.
Another shot with the ribbed sleeves placed on but not attached yet.

After I knew the size of the barrel I made a template of the stock of the blaster and traced it onto some wood.

You can see my design plans on how I am creating my blaster.

I cut out the stock of the blaster.

Here I have cut out the notch for the screw cap that is going to hold the blaster barrel onto the stock.

I then fit the screw cap onto the blaster stock.
I then gooped and screwed the screw cap onto the blaster stock.
I started to make the side panel pieces.
I glued the side panel pieces onto the blaster.
Now that the side panel pieces are on I started to sand and shape the Spacetrooper blaster.
I then glued on some side panel details.

I then drilled some holes into the blaster stock for where some detail pieces will be placed later.

I went ahead and placed the pipe into the stock that is going to be for the top hand grip.

I have now primed the main body of the blaster black. A quick sanding was done to make sure this blaster is looking like the way I want it and then another coat of primer was sprayed on. After that way dry I started to paint the main body of the blaster with semi-gloss black engine paint.

I then started to prime up the main barrel of the blaster.

I sprayed on the first coat of black engine paint and then sanded it down. I now added on the already primed detail pieces. Time to paint the main body engine black.
As the main body was now painted. I let it dry for a few days before I continued. I masked off the main body of the blaster and started to paint the stock of the blaster.
After messing about with the blaster with painting and what not it is time to start putting it all together.

I added on my detail pieces; allen head screws, allen head bolts and the top hand grip.

Now it is time to work on the barrel of the Spacetrooper blaster.

The barrel was screwed onto the front. The screw on barrel of the blaster makes it easy to break down and transport.
I then attached the ribbed detail onto the barrel. They fit nice and snug but I riveted them into place on the bottom side.

My version of the Spacetrooper Blaster is now finished.

Now that I have this blaster created, maybe in the future I will have to make the Spacetrooper outfit.