Sandtrooper Backpack - Star Wars - A New Hope

I based my backpack off of the one seen in this scene. It is of the Sandtrooper with the Black shoulder pauldron

Here is what I started with. A big thank you to TD4401 for getting me started.
After I got the frame assembled I layed what pieces I had at the time on top just to get an idea of what the pack is going to look like.

I then marked the bottom trays and drilled my holes for where they will be attached.

On the top trays I glued on the detail pieces.

I then layed what pieces I had and started to figure out where and how things will be attached to the trays.

After I knew how things were somewhat going to work I went ahead and painted the frame and the bottom trays.

For the blue color I used Rust-Oleum 241252 Lake Blue.

I then placed the top trays on and figured out how the other pieces of the backpack will fit. I drilled what holes I need and I was getting an idea of how this pack is going to be.
I went ahead and painted the pieces that needed to be blue. As you can see for the bottle container the two bolts I have in place so I can attach it to the backpack when it comes time.
Here are the bottom parts marked, drilled and ready to be attached after painting.
I went ahead and painted the other two trays.
After some hard work and figuring out what I was doing I got the other pieces needed and got everying painted and ready for assembly.
I first attached the side pipes and then the rest attaches with ease since it is all ready to go to complete my backpack. After the backpack was assembled I added on my backpack straps and it was complete.

Here is my finished backpack. I am happy with how it turned out.

TD3778 backpack TD3778 backpack TD3778 backpack