Stormtrooper Commander Helmet
As seen in Star Wars Wars The Force Unleased Video Game

Stormtrooper Commanders led Imperial Stormtroopers into battle. They were given advanced ARC training which gave them greater latitude in judgement than of the average Stormtrooper.

Most Stormtrooper Commanders often were equipped with personal energy shields and wore the same uniform as their troopers did, with an exception of distinct blue markings on their armor (a carry over of the old Clone Trooper Armor).

A Stormtrooper Commander led a typical squad of Stormtroopers, but they could advance into an Imperial Officer's rank if they showed potential. Another common name or rank of a Stormtrooper Commander was Stormtrooper Officer.

I came across a damaged FX Stormtrooper helmet or at least parts of a helmet. Most people who have Stormtrooper Armor get this type of helmet. It is oversized to what a Stormtrooper helmet really is and some people who have the FX armor are replacing their helmet with one that is more to scale even though something like 98% of the Stormtroopers you see utilize the helmet that their armor came with.

Anyways getting back to the issue as I said I acquired one of the FX type helmets, this one is not really an FX kit and has some different detail parts that I am not use to seeing with a real FX kit but it will work for what I am wanting to do. The difference between the two kits will work in my favor since the Stormtrooper Commander type armor in the era was not the finalized Stormtrooper armor that we all know from "A New Hope" era.

Since this helmet I got is damaged I knew from the start I was going to have to repair it. I did not want to just make it a standard white Stormtrooper helmet. So I opted to make it the Stormtrooper Commander as seen in "The Force Unleashed" video game for my growing Star Wars helmet collection.

This is how I got the helmet as is. Not shown are the detail pieces: ears pieces and eye lenses.
The rest I will have to acquire and make due.

I started off by drilling out the rivits that were barely holding this helmet together. After some clean up work where the rivits were I decided to remove the frown sticker. I drilled a pilot hole so I could file out the vent holes.

At this point I went ahead and drilled my two holes in the mouth area where the aerators will later be attached.

Now I have masked off the frown / vent area and painted it gloss grey. While I was painting I went ahead and painted the two side ear rectangles with the same grey paint.

This is the mouth area on the front of the helmet all masked off and painted black. Usually an FX helmet kit comes with a decal to place here but since I do not have that I decided to just paint it in.

While I was painting with black paint I went ahead and painted the front mouth piece that will attach to the front of the helmet later on.
The front of the Stormtrooper helmet on the mouth / cheek area are aerators. Once again the FX type kits usually have a decal for this but since I do not have that I bought some faucet aerators. I sanded them down and just painted them black.

I then marked and drilled the side ear pieces and attached them to the assembled helmet. The helmt dome is on there fairly decent though I am not happy with how the indent details are not centered on the helmet dome. So I had to do my best to make it look centered without having a sideways dome.

These ear pieces are NOT FX Helmet pieces. Not really sure what they are. They are nothing like the ones I have on my three sets of FX armor. They do not really fit properly but I did what I could to make them look decent. The right side ear piece is off a bit but I will live with it.

So now I have masked the helmet off, painted it and removed the masking. Next is to do some paint removal to weather the paint.
Since this helmet is not the best to be using had a hard time trying to mask off the blue paint area. I made my attempt.

I have now scratched the blue paint to make the helmet look a bit beat up and used as if it has seen some battles. I did not copy the look from "The Force Unleashed" images or toys or anything. I did my own design.
Here I placed on the blue cheek decals, glued on the little rectangle ear buds and front mouth piece.

Then I glued in the screen for the front vents. After I placed on some door edge molding to the bottom of the helmet.

I have now placed on the brow trim and installed the aerators. I do believe this helmet is now ready for some weathering. I have decided not to place in the eye lenses until the helmet has been weathered.

I did some weathering to the helmet and installed the eye lenses. This TK Commander helmet is now complete.
It is hard to see the weatering details in the pictures. You just have to see it in person.