Training Remote
As seen in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

Here is the casting of my Jedi Training Remote. As you can see there is some work to be done

Here is where I did the following:
- after some serious sanding and touch up on the detail.
- drilled the holes for the rims to sit in.
- gave it a bath to remove any chemical residue.

Then I:
- primed with Flat White Primer and allowed to dry.
- distance sprayed with Grey Spray to give it some under coat wear.
- sprayed with two coats of Dupli-Color 88-01504 Off White Spray.

The folowing images are to bright so they are not color correct. So bear with me.

Well since I had nothing planned for most of Friday...
I stayed up most of the night on Thursday and worked and worked on my training remote
and worked for most of the day on Friday on it.
- started the weathering process.
- started the paint details.

*I opted to use Dark Gunmetal instead of the Silver Gunmetal. Either way is correct depending on what image materials you use.
Both colors are shown in various approved LucasFilms Books.

- almost finished weathering and painting.
This thing is coming along so nicely.

Here is my finished Product for the Jedi Training Remote.

(Image taken outside & Image taken inside)