Tusken (Sand Person) Raider Head
As seen in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

Fearsome desert savages inhabiting the rocky Jundland Wastes, Tusken Raiders are the foremost reason Tatooine colonists do not wander far from their isolated communities. Extremely territorial and xenophobic, Tusken Raiders will attack with very little provocation. These nomads have attacked Jawa scouting parties on occasion. They have even gathered numbers large enough to attack the outskirts of smaller towns like Anchorhead.

Covered from head-to-foot in tattered rags and robes, Tusken Raiders brandish a deadly bladed club known as a Gaderffii Stick and also carry projectile rifles. The male of the species tend to be the aggressors. Females can be distinguished by their elaborate jeweled masks with eyeslits and torso-covering sand-shrouds. Tusken children wear unisex cowls and simple cloaks.

For transportation, Sand People have domesticated the hardy Bantha, a longhaired spiral-horned quadruped. These nomads purposely travel in single file, to conceal their numbers.

I got this really nice Tusken Raider head support / frame and detail kit from Randy Eveland II. It is a nice starting point for the Tusken Raider head.

All the holes were pre-drilled and a helmet liner installed. You cannot beat that for the price and as a great starting point.

I tried on the Tusken Raider support / frame. It fits like a glove. When you place it on your head the bottom opening just touches my ears. It is a close fit, like I said it fits like a glove. I adjusted the helmet liner for my size.

I feel like a horror movie murderer just wearing the support / frame on my head.

Here are the detail pieces. There are from top to bottom:

X4 Head Spikes
X2 Eye Ports
X2 Tusks
X1 Mouth Detail (Teeth)

These pieces came cleaned up and primed. I will touch them up to paint silver / chrome when the time comes.

I drilled some small holes in the tusks and spikes. That way I can screw them into place on the helmet shell. I then painted the detail pieces with Dutch Boy Chrome paint.

I bought the fabric for the head wrap. It was a little light in color so after I tore the fabric into strips I gave it a Tea-Bath to darken it up. You can see here the fresh fabric ready to be darkened.

After the fabric was dry I spread it on the floor and with some brown paint did some misting to give the fabric some darker color in spots. This acts like pre-weathering (not shown).

I then took some of the fabric and glued some small pieces down to the helmet shell where the detail pieces will attach. This way as I am applying the fabric I will not accidently miss any spots where the helmet shell could show through. When the fabric was dry I attached the painted detail pieces.

I did not attach the teeth or eye sockets as of yet. I will attach the mouth fabric first then attach the teeth and eye sockets. This way they will not be in the way as I am attaching the snout / mouth fabric.

As you can see here I have attached the brown snout / mouth fabric.
I went ahead and screwed the teeth detail part on to help hold the fabric down while the glue dries.

I wrapped the snout / mouth with some rubber bands to also help hold down the fabric while it dried.

I did a little section at a time and worked my way all around the snout / mouth until it was glued into place.

As the snout / mouth fabric was almost glued down, I glued the inside of the snout / mouth. To help hold the fabric down I stuffed it with some tools that were not in use at the time.
After the glue had fully dried, I cut away the excess fabric.

I bought some scrap leather material from a local leather shop. I cut out some strips that will wrap around the snout / mouth.

In this picture it looks light brown, it is really darker than it appears.

I started with the first strip of leather material and glue a small section of it to the top of the snout / mouth. When it dried, I glued the rest to the snout / mouth one strip of leather at a time.

I used rubber bands to hold down the leather material while the glue dried.

I had one small mishap while the glue was drying. The rubber band holding the fabric must have been too tight, the fabric slide up a bit, but I do not mind I like it the way it is.

I glued on three strips of the snout / mouth strap. Depending on what reference you use you can use two or three mouth straps. I went with three since so the straps would go all the way to the back of the snout / mouth.

You will notice I removed the fabric I had where the tusks go. As I was looking at my reference images I noticed that the snout / mouth fabric goes there. So I added some more snout / mouth fabric and then added the nose material.

After I had the snout / mouth straps and nose material on I attached the tusks.
At this point of the creation of the Tusken Raider head I took some sandpaper I gave the Tusken Raider head a quick rub down here and there to give it some wear.

With some brown acrylic paint (watered down) I gave the fabric parts and detial parts of the Tusken Raider head a weather bath. I also weatherd up the eye stalks at the same time. More weathering will come later.

I then glued the eye stalks onto the Tusken Raider head shell.
Here is the Tusken Raider head with some bandages glued on the head shell. I will randomly place the fabric strips onto the head until it is wrapped to the way I want it.
Here I am glueing down the begining fabric strips to the Tusken Raider head shell.
Here is the Tusken Raider all wrapped up. I did not cut off the strips that hang down. I left them there for looks. I figured a Tusken Raider would not have nice clean cut bandages on his head. They would hang down onto his shoulders or something.
I then glued in the grey tinted eye lens I made out of a truck blackout light cover.
I then glued in some screen into the mouth part. This not only keeps out sand and dust while in the desert but it helps conseal your face.
I tried on the finished Tusken Raider head. It is really hard to see out of this head. Your vision is only straight out in front of you through the two eye stalks. Talk about being blind in the desert!

The Tusken Radier Head or Mask is now finished! Well not really. I went a step farthr and created the neck canister.

Here I am trying on the Tusken Raider Head and Canister.

As you can see it is finished. I am very happy with how my Tusken Raider turned out.
Here is the finished Tusken Raider Head and Canister.