As seen in the Star Wars Wars Universe

Jawa Ionization Blasters were built by the Jawas who lived on Tatooine to capture droids. The guns themselves were cobbled together from whatever scrap the Jawas could scavenge. The gun was made of a blaster stripped down to its power pack, and then had its components replaced with a droid restraining bolt and an accu-accelerator (from a ship's ion drive), hence the name Ionization Blaster.

When fired, these blasters attached the restraining bolt to the droid and then ordered a stop command which made the droid halt. Normally the bolt just told a droid to halt, but their addition of this accu-accelerator caused a large ion burst to completely disable the droid for a short while. Its maximum range was about 12 meters while its optimum range was about 8 meters. The blaster would cause no damage against organic creatures but would give them a nasty sting.

The Ion Pistol was a type of Ion Blaster that was designed to be much more portable and less cumbersome than the larger Ion Rifles. Unlike the Ion Rifle, this weapon could be operated one-handed. From 32 BBY to 8 ABY, the weapon was typically available for a cost of 250 credits. Though the weapon provided the benefits of small size, weighing only 1 kilogram, the weapon had an optimal range of only 6-8 meters.

I started off by making my Jawa Ion Blaster Pistol using a hint I saw on the internet about using a Flintlock Pistol Replica as the base of the Jawa Ion Blaster Pistol.
Though not screen accuarate who is to say that there might not be a design like this in the Star Wars universe? Jawas did cobble together parts as they could.

As you can see I removed the orange safety tip.

After I gathered my parts I started assembly.

I knew I was going to make the power pack so I drilled my hole into the gun grip and made sure the black hose I am going to use fits nice a snug.

I cleaned up and painted the barrel pieces.

I then assembled the barrel piecses. I left the copper fitting copper on the inside. I thought it gave it more realsim than just being solid black.

I then cut the bottom detail piece for the blaster, shaped it and painted it.

I then used a stainless steal flask to use for the power pack. I came up with my own design pattern for the power pack. I used an aluminium sink washer and fit it onto the flask with rivets and added other rivets for the design. I then sanded, primed and painted the flask. Yes there are four in the painted picture, four Jawa Ion Blaster Pistols are being made.

This is what I have thus far. Four Jawa Ion Blaster Pistols (mostly assembled and weathered), and the power pack with black weathered tubing inserted (ready for the blaster pistol). Not much more to do, I need to assemble it all together, add the power pack strap, attach the power pack tubing to the pistol and I can finish up the Jawa Ion Blaster Pistols.

So here is a finished Jawa Ion Blaster Pistol. I hope you enjoyed seeing my progress.
Eventually I will have to make a new Jawa for myself and place one of these Ion Blaster Pistols on him.