Custom "SITH" Lightsaber #2

I decided to make a second custom lightsaber.
I started off with a piece of 11/2 sink pipe.
I then added on a bunch of Beveled Polywashers. I washed them then I glued them to the sink pipe with a dab of super glue so they will not move on the pipe. After the glue dried I wiped them down with paint thinner to take off any residue so that they can be painted later on.
Here are the beveled polywashers painted on the pipe. The emitter is another piece of sink pipe from a previous project which was attached after the painting of the polywashers. On the inside of the sink pipe I inserted a large dowel rod that fits snug. The emitter has a screw in it that screws into the dowel rod. This rod will also hold on the control box of this Lightsaber.
For the emitter I glued on a large washer.
This type of lightsaber emitter is very common for the prequil trilogy type lightsabers.
For the end or cap I just used a 11/2 sink pipe cap.
The control of this lightsaber is a modified doorbell button. I removed the guts, sanded the bottom so it would fit the curve of the sink pipe and added the little LED lights. I inserted a piece of metal which I drew lines on with a permanent paint marker where the door bell button came out of the unit. I then attached the control to the Lightsaber with small screws.

This is my second custom lightsaber that I have created.
You will have noticed that this lightsaber does not have any attachment devices on it. It is a rather simple design.
During the Height of the Sith, the Lightsabers were carried on the person within a holster as seen during the Old Republic.