Custom "JEDI" Lightsaber
This is my third custom lightsaber. I had some various parts so I decided to create a simple lightsaber.

I started off with a piece of plumbing pipe.
I then drilled my holes and fit the first details.

Near the emitter I wanted two little lights. So I tool two LED lights and stuck them through the holes I drilled. I thought they stuck out to far so I placed washers on them to bring them in a bit.

I then glued them in place and then took a film canister to hold the LED lights in place and filled the area with hot glue to keep it all in place.

I then took my activation button and placed it on the saber.

The same goes with the belt clip knob. I had to heat up the belt clip knob and shape it to fit the curve of the pipe.

I drilled a hold in the middle of the belt clip knob so it will fasten to the saber.

I then made an emitter out of various washers.
The saber is starting to take shape.

I used beveled washers and brown O-rings for grip details.
The belt clip knob was places on and the end capped.

Here is my finished Lightsaber.