Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
UTROM Ninja Guardian Medallion from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is my recreation of one of the Medallions worn by Utrom Ninja Guardians. The Utrom crashed on earth a verylong time ago. They survived many eons on Earth. They had to remain hidden. So the Utrom had Guardians who would protect them, go out on missions, and more. A Guardian of the Utrom wears a Golden Medallion around his neck. As one Guardian leaves the service of the Utrom the Medallion is passed onto the next Guardian and so forth. The Medallions have been part of countless Utrom Guardians throughout the ages. This is just one of those Medallions.

I first made the Utrom Guardian Medallion out of Super Sculpy and carved in the Utrom form.

Then I over baked it on purpose. When you over bake Super Sculpy it will bubble and distort. It is a quick and easy way to make old looking, worn metal items. I figured in real life if such an item was passed on from person to person the item would show wear. That is what I did. I recreated wear on the Medallion.

At this time I also carved in two slits on the back so the chain that I would be using for the Medallion would have a place to rest.


I then primed the Medallion grey. I then touched up some parts with sandpaper.
I then painted the Medallion flat white so the gold paint that I would be using would show brightly. 
Here is the painted Medallion.
After the gold paint was dry I gave it a coat of gloss clear coat to protect the paint.
I then finished by adding epoxy to the slits on the back of the Medallion where the chain would rest. 

Here is my finished Utrom Ninja Guardian Medallion.