Pirates Of The Caribbean
Jacoby's Pirate Bombs

Jacoby only appeared in The Curse of the Black Pearl, played by Vince Lozano. His gimmick is throwing hand grenades and his long black beard is almost always wreathed with smoke as if aflame, a gimmick inspired from the real pirate Blackbeard. He is one of the first clues that there is something abnormal about Barbossa and his men: during the siege of Port Royal, Will hits him in the back with a hatchet and "kills" him, but then Jacoby turns up alive and a short time later, laughs and waves at a flabbergasted Will. At the end of the movie Jacoby ends up skewered on a metal pole with two other pirates while in their skeleton forms and Will and Elizabeth stick one of Jacoby's grenades into his ribcage and then shove all three of them out of the light, trapping the explosive inside his now flesh-covered self as it explodes, taking him and the two other Pirates with it. Before his demise, Jacoby with smoke coming out of his mouth looks directly into the camera and whimpers, "No fair!" He is called Blackbeard on the commentary by Keira Knightley.

I started off with a 2.5" wooden sphere for the body but we will come back to that later.
For the top or fuse port of the pirate bomb I started with a wooden spool. I then sanded the wooden spool to the shape required.
After the wooden spool had the shape I marked the wood sphere. I then drilled the wooden spere just enough for the wooden spool to fit in. I added a peg to help hold the two pieces together. I then glued the spool to the sphere.

After the pirate bomb had the main shape and was assembled, I primed the assembled item black.

They had the wooden texture so I sanded then down a bit more and added some more glue to where the spool is attached.

I then reprimed the pirate bomb assemblies.

I then took some PAINT and sprayed the pirate bomb assembly. This type of paint when dry resembles dented metal due to the texture it contains. Well the texture paint sucks for this project!

I was not happy with the texture paint. So with a hammer I sat there and dented up the pirate bomb assemblies to look more like casted metal from those good old pirate days.

Comparison of texture paint -vs- hammered.

I then painted the Pirate Bombs.
For the fuse I used a skinny black round shoe lace which I misted with some silver spray paint to make it look more like a fuse. I then glued my fake fuse into the pirate bomb assemblies.

These are my finished Pirate Bombs.