Pirates Of The Caribbean
Ragetti's Wooden Eye

There are frequent gags about Ragetti's false wooden eye, which causes him discomfort and is often knocked out of its socket and has him frantically searching for it; one of Ragetti's professed desires is to get a real glass eye. It is not known how he lost his eye, though in "At Worlds End," it is revealed that the eye is one of the nine items that imprisons Calypso in her human form. However, it is probably more believable that the eye was already missing, and after using it to imprison the goddess, Barbossa gave the wooden eye to Ragetti as a temporary replacement.

In the movies Ragetti's eye was a contact len. For the scenes that it poped out it was mainly CGI graphics say for a few scenes where a prop was needed.

I started off with a wooden sphere and I painted it flat white.

I marked the circle and painted it black and then hand painted the brownish green color of the eye. I then relined the color of the eye with black and painted the pupil.

I soaked the painted wooden eye in a liquid bath to age the eye to make it look worn and used. When I dired it off I bounched and rolled it along the ground to give it some markings as if it had fallen out several times.

This is my Wooden Eye of Ragetti.