Most pups love to have a tail to wag and if you have been in the pup play community you know that tails come in all shapes and sizes.  As a pup you might be content to wiggle your butt in an imitation of a real dog wagging it’s tail or you may want an actual tail to wag. I am not going to go over all the various types of tails there are; no I am going to strictly talk about insertion tails or tail butt plugs.


The insertion types of tails come in a variety of sizes, colors and material options. Depending on what you want out of a tail and the aesthetics that come along with having an insertable tail greatly depend on you as a pup and your limit of what you can handle in your puppy butt.


Wubber Pup Doggo Tail


Things to acknowledge when using an insertable tail are as follows:


-The tail is going to be inside your butt. So it is a must that your puppy butt is clean on the inside. Go use the bathroom, use an enema just make sure you are washed out on the inside and clean. Good clean puppy butt hygiene is a must.

-To the eye it is the most aesthetically pleasing of the various tail types. Just think of how amazing a pup looks with a wagging tail, especially when covered in full latex.


-As a pup you can feel the tail’s presence inside of you and it is like an actual extension of yourself. I believe an insertable tail helps free your mind and be more in tune with the pup headspace when you have a tail that is part of you and moves when you do.


-The insertable tail is inside of your puppy butt. So if you are in mitts or hand covers you will need someone to help you take them off or have them take the tail out for you if need be for some reason. For the most part once the tail has been inserted it usually stays in until you are done playing as a pup.


-If you are a sexual pup the insertable tail can help keep your puppy butt “open” for when those times of breeding may occur. Just remember you will have to remove the tail when those breeding times do happen and when finished you can push the tail back inside of your puppy butt.


-The insertable tail can sometimes be sexually stimulating to the puppy butt which can be a disadvantage to you if you do not like sexual stimulation mixed in with your pup play. It could also make you loose focus and loose your puppy headspace and that is not a good thing so you have to decide on inserting the tail or not.


-Keep in mind the wearing of an insertion tail butt plug it can cause discomfort and some irritation of the anus. You have to know your limit while wearing this type of tail and work up to prolong use.

-Use lots of lube. Your anus will eventually dry out and everyone knows that you can never use too much lube. Sometimes a sneeze or little fart will push out some lube or even the butt plug tail so that is something to keep in mind if you are not accustomed to a tail being inside of you. If you are not in a suit a tail holder might be needed for some pups. Depends on the size and how well your puppy butt can hold the tail in place.


-Having an insertable tail inside of you just feels good. It makes you want to wag and wiggle your butt all day long.

Now that you know some basic things about what inserting a tail butt plug has to offer you have to decide what type of tail you want to put inside of you. Do not go out and buy a large or extra-large plug tail and expect to slip it into your puppy butt. Even the most seasoned of pups and doggos have to loosen up and stretch to insert their tail no matter what the size they have. A butt plug tail has been designed for insertion into the rectum and has to go in slowly so your puppy butt will be comfortable when in use. Before you go out and purchase a tail consider the following.


How do you want it to wag? Depending on the material the tail is made out of some tails are super wagging and move with you and then there are some that are more ridged and only wag a small bit depending on how you shake your puppy butt. This is something that you should consider when looking at purchasing your tail. Some companies make the same tail design with different material options that give a tail it’s wag.


Do you want your insertable tail butt plug to match your puppy colorings? If so take your time and look at the various options that are available to you. You can get a tail in several colors that are available to a swirl pattern it is up to you. I personally prefer an all black tail for WUBBER since my coloring is black with silver trim. Unfortunately for me there are currently no insertion tails available in silver or a silver and black swirl combination.


Textured or a smooth tail? This is something that I have always had on my mind. I personally do not like the textured tails. Why? Simply because WUBBER always wears full body coverage latex that is smooth and in my opinion when I see a fully covered latex pup with a textured tail it ruins the aesthetic of smooth latex.
Yes it is harder to find a tail that is smooth and not textured so the options are limited. However if you do not care that your tail is textured then the options available to you are greater. It all comes down to personal choice if you want a textured or smooth tail.



So what is going into your puppy butt? The bulb or insertable butt plug part of the tail comes in a few shapes and sizes. Most butt plug tails are the basic egg shaped (narrow or wide) which are tried and true designs. Some butt plug tails that are more rounded and curved will provide more direct prostate stimulation while a butt plug tail with a longer neck no matter what the shape is tend to stay in better. Your level of butt play or what you can comfortably fit inside of you will determine what shape or size you choose.


When it comes to the size you should get something that you will be comfortable with inside of you but also large enough that it will not continually fall out of your puppy butt. Many pups and doggos who wear an insertion tail also utilize a tail holder that helps keep the tail in place and from falling out. It is a good idea to use a tail holder especially when he or she is not wearing a suit to help hold the tail in or if your tail is not large enough to stay in all by itself.



So how do you use or wear a tail butt plug? Well first off you do not just shove it into your puppy butt. First you have to make certain you are clean on the inside. Do what you have to do, just make sure you are clean on the inside. There is nothing more off-putting than a pup’s tail coming out and it is covered in poop.


Now that your insides are clean, relax and lube up your hole. Simply place some lube onto your finger and push it into your hole. Slide your finger in and out a few times to get your opening use to the feeling of your finger. Add some more lube and continue to do this a few times until you feel relaxed and ready to proceed. If you have a small narrow plug tail you can probably just lube it up generously and slowly work it into your puppy butt. Once it is in you are good to go wag your tail.

If you have a larger size butt plug tail you will probably (like myself) have to work your opening and stretch to get the tail into you. Again work some lube into your opening with your finger, maybe gradually go up to two or three fingers if you need to. Some people I know like to use a dildo to help them loosen up before they push and slide their tail into place. I personally like to use a standard inflatable butt plug (not the dildo shape kind) to help stretch and open up my rear end. When ready again generously lube up the butt plug part of the tail and slowly work it into your puppy butt. Once in it may be a little uncomfortable but your butt will get use to it rather quickly if you took your time in getting the tail inside of you and not rush it. It if hurts slowly pull it out and try again when ready to do so.


After you are done wagging your tail and being a pup or doggo it is time to take the tail out.  Slowly and firmly pull the tail straight out. It helps to push with your bowels. Go slow, many times the butt plug tail will pop out rather quickly and sometimes it takes a little longer. Do not just yank it out, go slow and it will come out on its own.

Remember this!

NEVER and I mean NEVER pull on another pups or doggos tail!

You could risk injury to them.



Having an insertion tail it a lot of fun. Personally it is my favorite type of tail to use when I am WUBBER. An insertion tail may not be for you and there are other types of tails out there. Look around, experiment and find the type of tail you are comfortable with. If you do choose to go the way of inserting a tail, you cannot just buy a large size insertion tail and expect to get it inside of you to use immediately. You have to start small and work your way up to the next size and up to the next. Just like anything else in life it takes time and practice. You have to let your body adjust. Do not rush your butt to take the next size larger. Your body will let you know when you are ready to advance to the next size.


Get a tail, have fun, wag it proudly.

Wuber Pup Doggo Tail . Wubber Pup Doggo Tail