When you first become a human pup you most likely want a mask or hood to cover your human head. I am going to review probably what is considered by most of the human pup world to be one of the best looking rubber pup hoods. I am talking about that solid black molded pup hood we have all seen in many amazing pictures that many of us pups and doggos have or would like to have. That’s right I am going to be talking about the BLACKSTYLE 40525 anatomical latex dog mask with zip. They call it a mask but since it encapsulates the entire head I call it a hood.


This pup hood is an exclusive style produced by BLACKSTYLE. It does come in other variations as you can view on their website but I will be focusing on the dog hood with standard zipper back for that is the one that I own.


The hood is made of thick black 1.2mm thick latex that only comes in one size so if you have a big head you might not be able to wear it. The zipper on the back is metal and has a zipper guard that keeps your hair from getting caught.


As a standard with this hood the eyes and mouth holes are not cut out. The only holes that come cut out of this hood are the nose holes for breathing. If you want the eye or mouth holes cut out it is an option at no extra charge that you can select when ordering. On my hood I have both the eyes and mouth holes. Unless you are going for the total puppy gimp aesthetic I would highly recommend getting both holes.



When you place your head into this hood you will notice how easy it is to line it up with your eyes and get it situated on your head. Then by reaching behind your head you can zip the zipper down to shut it and seal it onto your head. When fully zipped down the hood is very snug yet comfortable. I have heard some people with larger necks have issues with zipping the zipper all the way down. My neck measures at 17-inches and the hood zips down nice and snug so I would suggest if you have a larger neck size you will want to ask BLACKSTYLE if the neck opening is large enough for you or perhaps consider getting the lace-up style of this hood.


One thing that I have learned by wearing this pup hood is that once it is on your head and zipped up movement of your head is limited. You can still look around, tilt and turn your head but it is limited. The hood is designed to be snug on your head. This is due to the thickness of the hood. It is a small issue but not as inconvenient as one might think.


One thing that really helps when wearing this hood is something a fellow pup taught me to help with your skin from rubbing against the latex when you move your head is to apply a small amount of lube to the inside of the hood. Why? After prolonged wearing your skin may begin stick to the inside of the hood and may cause some irritation. By applying some lube to the inside of this hood it helps your skin from sticking as I have learned and makes it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. You may not have any problems while wearing this hood but I thought I would just mention it in case you do have any issues.



So with all of that said let me tell you what I think about this pup hood. Once you place it onto your head and zip it into place and you see that black pup looking back at you from the mirror you become different, you become a pup instantly. The design and look of this hood to me is just a fantastic overall design that is aesthetically pleasing. No matter what you wear it with it really seems to work especially if you are wearing any latex outfit. I prefer full body coverage when transforming into a human pup but that is just my preference.


Due to the limited amount of movement that you may have I do not think that this pup hood is ideal for getting down on all fours and playing in a puppy mosh pit but you may, it is up to you. I just like being able to have maximum movement when playing with other pups on all fours. But this hood is excellent if you are just going to be a bi-ped pup and pretty much stand and mingle or walk around at a parade or event. It looks great and really commands attention to those who might be wearing it.


This hood is extremely popular and is often out of stock. So some pups have bought cheap copies of this amazing pup hood from other overseas sellers. I will warn you now DO NOT buy the cheap rip-offs of this amazing hood. If you want this hood, please be honorable and buy the real thing from BLACKSTYLE you will not be disappointed.


In my opinion this is my favorite hood for pictures, walking around and events. It has an amazing design and it is comfortable. Besides for the minor issue with restricted movement I would say this is a must to have for any pup.