There are many pups out there that just want to be in a relationship with an Owner, Handler, SIR, Alpha, ect. That is ok, many pups if not all strive to have the ideal pup/master relationship one day.

There is a sad truth for some of the pups that do get into a pup/master relationship. Some pups are so eager to have this relationship that they overlook and fail to get to know the person who will be taking charge of them. You have to ask- what is their reputation not only within the pup community but other related communities as well?

These pups who jump at the first prospect tend to get into an abusive relationship as a pup. For some pups it is to late on their part to realize their mistake and end up getting hurt both physically and mentally by their Owner, Handler, SIR, Alpha, ect.


I would never want to see anyone, a pup or otherwise ever be abused. The reason I have this section is to plead to those and tell them to take your time in finding someone who will be taking care of you as their pup. There is no need to rush.

Take your time, get to know the person, find out if they will treat you the way you are rightfully to be treated as a pup. Remember no pup has to obey and do every single thing asked of him or her. It should be a relationship of give and take in a respectful and healthy way possible.


I found this on the internet that I felt needed to be shared. I am not sure who wrote this but when I stumbled across it and read it, it made me cry for I felt sorry for whoever this person was who was treated so badly.

Remember as a pup it may not be your place to interfere and speak if another pup is owned or collared. But if you have any concerns please feel free to tell someone in charge or another person that you have a concern. By all means if you see another pup being abused PLEASE step in and say something, tell someone who can get in there and stop it before any pup gets hurt. This is a loving community and we as pups have to watch out and help each other whenever possible.