This is an experience that I want to share with my fellow human pups and dogs.


Headspace is something that all in the human pup play community has to encounter at one point or another. For me it all depends on the situation, event, ect that I will be at as WUBBER for my headspace to get to be where it needs to be. For the most part after I gear up and take a good look at myself in the mirror I can reach the level of headspace I need to be at for WUBBER.

I was at my handler’s home and transformed into WUBBER. My handler placed on a pair of super soft and padded fist mitts over my human hands. I realized I was not going to have any access or control of my human hands.


I was down on all fours being WUBBER. I was taken really good care of, I was fed, watered, played with, had my kennel in the corner and more. Anyone who was a pup or dog would have been really happy and his or her tail would be wagging away, heck mine was.


Whenever I was in my kennel the door was closed and latched. There was no way that I was going to be able to tamper with the latch and get out. My kennel is roomy enough to get comfortable, turn around and even sleep in. I was a very happy dog in my safe place.




As the weekend progressed I got all the attention and love that a good handler could give. I was in a state of mind where I think for the first time in my life being a human pup that I totally relaxed and released all control and emotions involved in my human everyday life. I did not have access to my cellphone. It was kept on silent and checked by my handler or his wife in case there was an emergency call. I knew there would not be since I live a boring human life.


So where is all of this leading to?


On the second evening of being WUBBER it was late in the evening and I was in my kennel. All of a sudden I had this dizzy feeling wash over my entire body, it felt like nothing that I have felt before. I stopped and looked around. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. I remember looking down at my hands that were paws. I felt that I was truly a dog. Something in my mind had switched on or maybe off but I totally truly felt like a K9.



As the weekend was coming to an end, on that Sunday my padded hand paws were removed. I remember flexing my fingers fully and I started to cry. My handler comforted me. He tried to remove my hood but I would not allow him to. After a bit I calmed down and he helped me get out of my WUBBER gear and told me to take my suit off and take a shower. In the shower I let the water run over me for what may have been a long time. I know I pulled my suit off and washed myself. I had worn my WUBBER suit for almost three full days straight. This was the longest that I have every worn my gear. My body was slightly pale and pruned.


After I had washed, got dressed I had a long sit down with my handler as we talked. At the time I could not figure out what had happened to me. I lost track of time.


I have talked to several people about this and I have come to the conclusion that deep within my psychique when I have no use of my hands, I am down on all fours and finally I go into my kennel there is something that triggers in my mind to where I can let go and be free to explore myself as a human dog. I do know that when I am in my kennel I feel safe. If at anytime it gets to overwhelming and starts to interfere with my life I will stop being a human dog.