As a human pup what is one of the best things to be able to do while on all fours besides the barking, getting pets and belly rubs? That is correct being able to wag your tail. Having a tail to wag, as a human pup is fun. There are several options of a tail from a simple tail that loops onto a belt all the way to a fully inserted butt plug tail. There are pros and cons of every tail type that you have to consider and eventually it is up to you to choose what type of tail is appropriate for you to wag.


I am going to review my favorite tail to wag and it is the MISTER G MRG629 Dogtail Buttplug. This tail was manufactured by another company in the past but cannot remember the name; it was before they became known as MISTER G. Do not get me wring it is the same tail, just that it was under a different name before.


Let me state that this plug is not for beginners. The bulb of this tail is large; about 4.5-inches in circumference at its largest part and if you are not accustomed to anal play this dog tail butt plug is NOT for you.


When I first became a human pup I wanted a tail. At the time the choices were not all the great but as the community grew so did the options. I first stated off with generic fabric tail that I made that attached to my belt.  It was good for being a closeted pup at the time. As I grew from a quiet closeted pup to being more open about being a human pup up until currently being a full blow rubber pup with nothing to hide my tails had evolved as I did. I learned there are a time and a place for certain types of tails. But I am not going to discuss that but rather review my favorite rubber tail that inserts into my bum.



I truly favor the MISTER G dog tail butt plug. Not only because I am a doggo who loves things in his butt but because I do not like textured tails and this tail is smooth just like my latex doggo skin. For me it is an aesthetic, smooth skin, smooth tail. There are not many choices out there for pups that want an all-smooth, non-textured tail.


When I first discovered this tail I had to order it. When I received it I was totally shocked on how large the bulb part of the plug was. I was actually scared and thought I could never get that into me. Still to this day I have to use an inflatable butt plug to stretch my man-hole in order to get this tail into me. Once in though, it stays put and feels ever so good.


I have noticed that this butt plug tail sits inside of my bum and not once has it ever fallen out as other butt plug tails have. I give credit to the size of the bulb and design.


This tail is hefty and has weight. When inserted it fills your insides and every move you make you can feel it as you wag it around. Unlike many other tail plugs this one is very comfortable and does not have those reverse prongs that stab above and below your butt.


The tail is very attractive, though mine does have some dimples from when it was made but that is fine with me, it still looks good wagging and it adds character.


This hefty butt plug tail to me is great. Yes while it is large and not for beginners to me it is a tail that not only looks good but also is everything that I want in a tail. It has weight, it feels good inside of me, it is comfortable for long periods of wear, and it wags well and is not textured.  For this doggos butt and tail purposes this is a great tail that I hope more pups will look into.


I unfortunately cannot wear it when I am out at pup events because most pup events do not allow inserted tails, which is an understandable safety issue. You do not want it to pop out or have another pup or human pull or yank your tail and cause injury.




So I use this tail whenever I am puppin out at home, in a studio taking pictures or with some trustworthy pups that will not pull it.