As the human pup community has grown over the years so has the options for pups and their head coverings. While many pups love to wear a hood to cover up their human head, sometimes it was just not practical in doing so when out wondering the streets. Most pups wear latex and wearing latex can get hot. Then new option came by Mr-S-Leather in the form of a neoprene puppy hood.


I first came into contact with hood at a convention. A fellow pup let me wear it at the convention since he had two with him. Not having any of my pup gear with me I wore it with my human clothes. I realized how quickly I could transform into a pup without any effort and it was a fantastic feeling. After the convention I got home and ordered a Mr-S-Leather neoprene puppy hood of my own in all black. 


This new type of hood quickly became something that many pups just had to have and want. Not only is neoprene a breathable material it is soft and stretchy so it feels great and there is no zipper or lacing to mess with, just slip it over your head and done.


The Mr-S-Leather neoprene puppy hood is all black but you can choose a contrasting color for the brow, muzzle and ears. The muzzle is removable so you can eat or drink without having to remove the hood that is a feature that I find most convenient when you are down on all fours being a puppy. It also comes in two sizes so you will have to measure your head to get a proper fit.


As the popularity grew for this hood many pups mixed it up with wearing their standard latex, to leather, neoprene suits and more. This hood turned out to be very versatile. Myself like many pups love this hood to wear with human clothing. You can pretty much take it anywhere, slip it on your head and get a picture and be done. No longer did you have to sneak out as a pup in all of your gear to take pictures in public.

This puppy hood is outstanding for all it is worth. It has a great design and the ease of use is brilliant. But there is a rumbling within the pup community about this hood and it is that so many pups have this neoprene hood that some say all the pups are starting to look alike. I am not 100% in agreement with that statement but it is something to notice. I feel that every human pup is unique and different enough that their personality makes the pup not just their head covering.


While I do enjoy this hood I could not give it a five star rating. I have noticed on my hood and many other hoods alike that the stitching pulls apart and the ear sections start to pull away from each other giving a ragged flappy ear look instead of the uniform sealed look it starts out with. I am not sure if you can glue the ears together to keep them together but maybe the neoprene material flexes to much to keep it perfectly uniform.


Also this hood holds odors very well. So after you wear it you must wash it out. The sweat from you hair and head eventually seep in and make the hood stink.


Overall this is a great hood and with proper care it will last a long time and continue looking good.