Wearing gear or a costume as a human puppy is fun but not necessary. I for one like to be all geared up in my pup gear for it helps me become a human puppy, others not so much. For some just being down on all fours is enough. It all depends on how and what you are trying to accomplish as a human puppy.


In the privacy of your own home many human puppies are naked, other than maybe wearing a collar, hood, and kneepads. Sometimes a tail if you have one. Why be naked as a human pup? Well to some it is because animals do not usually wear clothing. But that is an argument for later. It is all up to you how you want to be a human puppy.


If you are out in public then it is absolutely necessary to be covered or geared up. Just use common sense on what you wear in public and follow the rules of what is legal or appropriate to be wearing in the environment you are in. You have to remember out in public you will be seen by humans.


Some gear items that I think are essential to be a human puppy are as follows:


Pup Mask or Pup Hood – as a human puppy you want to cover your face. This can be anything from a simple mask to a very complex total enclosure molded hood. They come in a variety of materials from plastic, foam, neoprene / rubber, to leather and prices range from a few dollars up to the hundreds of dollars. What you decided to use to cover your human face to become a human pup is entirely up to you. There are many styles and designs to choose from so do some research for your face coverage, it will be who you are as a human pup.


Collar – All dogs should have a collar. A collar may be to some pups the most important piece of gear for them. Besides providing a place to put a leash and identification tag, wearing a collar helps immensely in putting a human pup into the proper headspace.


Some say that un-owned pups or strays should not have a tag on their collar. I disagree and think all pups should at least have a nametag to identify them on their collar. Or if there are any medical issues this should be on a tag attached to your collar as well. If the pup is owned, then the tag will have all the information needed to show that they are owned and not a stray.


Knee Pads - Humans are not built to be down on all fours walking on their knees all day and all night long so you must protect them from injury. It does not matter what kind of knee protection you have just wear them. Not only do kneepads protect your knees, it also allows for longer play as a pup.


Hand Protection – Just like your human knees, your body is not meant to be crawling around on your hands. A pair of padded gloves will help protect your hands from injury and wearing out during your time as a human pup especially if you are down on all fours for a very long time.



*Not essential but fun to have: This is more for those who are more into becoming more puppy like and to help relinquish any and all human aspects of themselves.
What gear you choose to have or wear as a human pup is entirely up to you.


Total Hand Covers – Having your human hands restrained or completely covered prevent you from using them as a human would. Pups do not have thumbs to help them out so why should you? Not only does this make your hands completely helpless by turning them into paws, it will also help with becoming and staying in that puppy mindset.


Harness – Most human pups wear a harness of some sort. Not only does it look cool it is also used to grab the human pup, to take control. Usually with a harness many pups also have ankle and wrist cuffs that match their harness. This is usually just for decoration purposes but they all can be used to take control of a human pup as needed.



Tail – All dogs have a tail even if it is just a nub. Why not you? For some human pups having a tail is the ultimate piece of gear that fully helps them be a human puppy. As a pup who would not like to be able to wag their tail in excitement or to help them communicate with a human?

Tails are usually made of a rubber typematerial. They can be a type that attaches to a belt and fastened around your waist or the tail can be a plug that inserts into your bum.


Some pup socials or events do not allow the plug type tails. So if you have to have a tail, have one that attaches to a belt that you can fasten around your waist. You can always use the plug tail later or if you must use it, or better yet get a tail plug harness to protect yourself if someone tries to yank on your tail.


*Word of Advice – Never, ever no matter what tug or pull on another pup’s tail. It could result in injury.


Chastity Device – Some human pups wear chastity devices. This is mainly due to their trainer or owner’s request. But if you as a human puppy try to hump things, then it may be a must for you. Plus it is a little naughty and extremely fun to wear.
*Before you wear a chastity device please make sure you are aware of the cautions of wearing such a device.


Sheaths – Some human pups do wear sheaths over their human parts. This gives a fantastic illusion and boost to the mindset to the pup that their “doggie junk” is more canine in appearance. This all has to do with the mindset, how far you want to take your appearance as a human puppy is all up to you.



With all of that listed and discussed there are other things besides gear to make you look more canine in appearance that you might want to add to your inventory.

Some pups like to take their human puppy playtime to a higher level. You can have a food and water bowl to eat and drink out of. You can have a special blanket or doggie bed that you sleep in. Some pups have a kennel / crate that they use. And of course you have to have toys. Nothing hard, only soft toys will do for a human pup.


So lets talk briefly about toys for the human puppy.

Soft! Stay away from any cute hard rubber toy that you see in the pet store. Sure they look like fun but the human mouth is not built to chew on such pet toys. They are very hard made for the canine mouth that is far stronger than a human mouth. Playing and or chewing on such toys could result in injury.


They best type of toy for a human pup is a toy play ball that kids use or something like a soft squeeky toy you can use with your puppy paws. Any toy that cannot go into the pup’s mouth is even better. Besides many of the pup hoods out there do not allow you to use the mouth anyways. So push a ball around or squeek a toy with your muzzle or paws not your mouth.


Never play tug with a toy in your mouth. Again the human mouth is not meant to take such strain and there have been a few human pups that have injury to their mouths from such behavior. It is not a good thing to see someone’s teeth get ripped out of their mouth because a game of tug got to rough. Yes this has happened.


If you must put a toy in your mouth, make sure it is soft, that here are no other pups or people trying to pull it put of your mouth. Also be sure it is made of a material that can be washed. Your spit and saliva from having the toy in your mouth will eventually start to smell and grow bacteria. So please wash your toys after each puppy play session.


You can use any pet toys for photo shoots and what not but not for play.

Just be smart about what type of toys you have as a human pup. It all keeps coming around to be safe and having fun.

Be imaginative, have fun. If you have a trainer or owner then discuss your options of being a human puppy. You can take your playtime to any level you desire. Just whatever you decide to do just play it safe and communicate.