As a human puppy you need to be safe. Being a human puppy 24/7 is not a reality as some would like it to be but a total wishful fantasy. Being a human puppy can and will take its toll and strain the human body. If you feel yourself becoming sore, weak, ect stand up and get off the ground. You need to stretch those muscles that you have put in a strained position.


You need to exercise the mind as well. Communicate with your handler, trainer, owner, ect. By not communicating and being in the puppy mindset for long extended periods could result in a psychotic episode that could be a danger to those all around. I am not saying it will but it could happen.


To be a healthy human puppy you have to also be a healthy human. You cannot be a puppy all the time so when you are a human puppy enjoy that time.


With being in a healthy state of mind and body you also have to think about the safety of any and all things that you do as a puppy. Protect yourself from harm. Do not do stupid things because you can. Just like in real life there are consequences to all you do.


One of the biggest things that all humans and pups need to do is communicate. As a human pup you do not have to do everything that your trainer or owner tells you to do. You do not have to do anything that another human tells you to do as a human puppy either. Again it all comes down to what you want to get out of being a human puppy and your safety. Do not ever let someone force you to do something that you are not comfortable in doing as a human pup or in real life for that matter.


Do not be too eager to be collared. Before you agree to be trained or owned as a human pup you need to sit down and discuss all the terms and options available to both sides. Make your feelings known, let it be known what you are or not are comfortable with doing as a human pup. Make a contract that both or all of you can and will agree upon.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy your time as a human pup.

This set of Bill of Rights is an adaption of the “boys Bill of Rights”

-Every pup has the right to have his body, intellect, and emotions protected by his Dom.

-Every pup has the right to choose the man whom he serves and to discontinue that service and take his leave without being subjected to physical, mental, or emotional abuse.

-Every pup has the right to be cared for, disciplined appropriately, and allowed to feel pride in his submission.

-Every pup has the right to protected sex if he so wishes.

-Every pup has the right to privacy if he so wishes. No pup can be blackmailed, publicly humiliated, or physically coerced into service without his expressed desire to be so.

-Every pup has the right to defend himself from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

-Every pup has the right to consent or not to consent to sexual activities.

-Every pup has the right to seek refuge, counsel, and advice from other subs and Dom’s without the expectation of sex, money, or any other service in return.

-Every pup has the right to a physically and emotionally available circle of friends.

-Every pup has the right to protect his own possessions and finances against intercession, theft, and non-consensual acquisition.

Play it safe as a human puppy. Do not just go to anyone to become their pup. Get to know them first before you get down on all fours. Being a human pup is about trust, safety and above all it should be fun. Again get to know your local puppy group, make friends, have fun and remember it is ok to say NO!