Pup Play Sexual?

There is a question floating around being asked by pups who are new to the Human Pup community that I thought should be addressed. "Being a Human Puppy does that mean I have to be sexual?"

The answer to that is a simple No. By no means should you ever be pressured to think that by being a Human Pup that you have to be sexual in any way, ever!


The Human Pup Play community as it has grown from its simple beginnings all the way to the wonderful world of pretending to be a pup and playing that role, there are people within the community who keep this fantasy as simple as that, just being a playful pup. While on the other side of the spectrum of human puppy play in a combination with the human puppy attire, various gear, events, toys, ect it can and there are many who do utilize being a human puppy as a purely sexual experience. Many in this community want to be controled, dominated and by being a Human Pup they find it easy to do so.


As a human pup you decide if your time being a pup is pure and simple as a playful puppy or more fetish like and sexual. It is your choice and your choice alone. You do not have to do anything you do not want to as a human pup. You make your own rules and decisions.


The truth is that the outside world seeing and viewing the pup play community has type-casted our community as a purely sexual fetish. This is because many who get a glimpse of the pup play communities only see it from adult websites or are very uninformed about what the pup play community is. Sad to say this is a stereotype we all have as pups to deal with weather you are sexual or not. Educating the outside world about the human puppy play community is a slow process.


Just because you choose to dress up as a human pup (latex, lycra, leather, naked, ect) and put on that pup hood does not mean you are a sexual being. No putting on any pup gear, from just a pup hood with blue jeans and a t-shirt to going all out to full body coverage and putting a tail plug in your ass, getting down on all fours and barking only means that you are willing to let go of your human self for a short time and open yourself up to pretending to be a pup, a dog. Being a human pup is for fun, it is pretend, to make friends who are open to this experience as you are. It is just a costume, pretend like Halloween, little boys playing Cowboys and Indians or little girls pretending to be a Princess.


If you look at a group of real four legged puppies running about they are not being sexual, no they are in a group, running around playing, falling over each other just having fun. That is what most of the human pup community is. Just a group of people pretending to be pups having fun. Yes there are some who do take it to the next level and make it sexual but you do not have to. You are a human pup and you choose how you want to be a pup.


So with that all said, is WUBBER Pup a sexual pup?

For me as WUBBER Pup I choose to keep it on the safe and fun side of just being a pup. Sure WUBBER Pup loves to be around other pups, playing pup games, barking at each other and even some puppy cuddling. I have not had any sexual experiences while in the mindset of being WUBBER Pup.