As a human pup you have probably have seen those amazing looking latex covered pups with the awesome looking latex pup hoods that seem to come in just about any color. The hood that I am talking about is a very popular version among many rubber puppies and is one of the first hoods to really cater to the human pup. Have you guessed which hood that I am talking about? That is correct I am talking about the Wet Hot Rubber Dog Hood.


When I first decided to really get involved and become a human puppy I wanted my head to be fully covered. I looked at a few masks and hoods but none really stood out to me except one, the Wet Hot Rubber dog hood.  These hoods have had some changes from when they were first introduced to the human pup community. Nothing drastic they are now made with more options.


The standard dog hood made in .65mm latex comes in four sizes or made to order size with back zipper, detachable muzzle with zipper mouth, fixed ears, locking collar with post and fixed front D ring. The hood can be ordered in all black or black body with color for muzzle, inner ears and eye area. If you want to add extra features there some to choose from such as detachable blindfold, gags, and more. You will have to decide what you want when you order your dog hood and which color best represents you as a human pup.



I have the standard dog hood made with silver coloring with the detachable blindfold since Wubber is a black and silver doggo. I also have a second standard Wet Hot Rubber dog hood all in black for when I want Wubber to be incognito.


Out of the many dog hood options this hood is very customizable and affordable.


When I got my first Wet Hot Rubber dog hood I was instantly in love with this hood. It is very lightweight, very well made and just looks good. When I first placed this hood onto my head for the first time and zipped it shut and fastened the collar post I notice how nice the hood fit, it was almost to perfect. You have full range of motion and if you want to eat or drink you can remove the muzzle part without taking the hood off, such a fantastic feature. This is a great thing for a dog hood especially if you have the hood locked.


If you talk to the pups out there that have this dog hood they will tell you how nice it really is. The most talked about or liked feature of this dog hood is the many colors you can choose from and secondly just as important is the look of this dog hood. It is among the top few choices for most human pups.


While wearing this dog hood not only do you look the part, it has full range of motion so that means if you want to get down on all fours and play with other pups in a mosh pit or whatever you can. No need to worry what pup might be next to you because you can clearly move and see them without restriction.



I as many other pups out there really enjoy this dog hood. Out of the two Wet Hot Rubber dog hoods that I own the only complaint I have is that the silver on one of my hoods has a slight yellow tinge to it. That is expected of light colored latex, over time it will oxidize and start to yellow. Also from use (sweat) will speed up this process so you must wash your latex after each use thoroughly. It also helps to keep it stored away from light. Eventually I will have to replace my hood but I still have time before that needs to happen.


Overall this is one of the best latex dog hoods that one could buy. I cannot complain about it. It has been a really outstanding dog hood. If you are just getting into the human pup community or have been a pup for a long time and are looking for a hood I would highly recommend this one, you will not be disappointed.