There is a lot of information on the internet about what Pup Play or what a Human Puppy is and or does. The definition or explanations are all pretty much the same with a few differences. It really comes down to the pup or scene at hand. So I will not bore you and keep my explanation of Pup Play somewhat brief.

I can tell you that Pup Play or being a Human Puppy is not about Bestiality.


Pup Play is not all about sex or being sexual, it can be for some but for many who become Human Pups, being a puppy is what it is all about. Just to let go and be a pup. Pup Play might be catergorized

in and around the BDSM / Fetish communities by the general public but they are not educated on what being a human puppy really is. So as a member of the Pup Play community you have to deal with those sterotypes.

Pup Play or Human Puppy is basically someone who enjoys acting / role-playing like a puppy or dog. Someone who is a pup can let
go of their human inhibitions and stress to embrace their animal instinct and in this case it is the mindset of a puppy or dog. There are many levels to this and it all depends on how far you want to take it as a human puppy.

This worldwide role play originally started from within the Leather Community (late 1970’s era) where the SIR or Daddy needed a way to humiliate or punish their boy by making them look and act like a dog but many found they identified more with being a pet than they did as a boy. The punishment turned out to be more fun than humiliation thus the Puppy Movement as is it known came to life, or so that is what the general census is.


Being a Pup or Human Puppy has been growing exponentially as more and more people find their true nature as a pup. It is starting to cross over into other communities from Leather, Rubber, Furry and more. As time goes on and the Pup Play culture expands, hopefully other cultures will accept and understand that we, as in pups are all in this for fun.


Pup Play is different for each person who is involved. Depending on what you want out of it from a trainer/master/handler/owner where a pup is trained/ disciplined or simply acts like a pet or even sometimes a pup scene may only involve playing with other pups/dogs or even playing alone. Some pups completely relinquish all human characteristics, becoming a true "pet" while others retain varying degrees of their human characteristics. Again it all depends on what you want out of it.


I say there is no right or wrong way to be a human pup. You can have structure and set standards, set rules and regulations or on the opposite end of the spectrum you can just be a stray having some fun. But that is entirely up to you and whom you decide to be a pup for.


Find a local community of pups in your area, learn from them and have fun while doing so. It is always going to be a learning process that evolves and expands as the world of pup play grows.


How and why you choose to be part of Pup Play or being a Human Puppy is your choice. Do not let anyone force you into something you are not comfortable with. Remember that communication is a must for when you play or are a pup with another. If you are at a pup play functions, remember to respect and obey the rules they have. You do not want to be that puppy that ruins a good time by being disobedient.


So get down on all fours, bark, play and wag that tail for you may just be a human pup.