For a long time the on-line world has known me to be a wolf. When I came to knowing about what is known as the Human Puppy Movement I knew that I wanted to be a pup and be part of that sub-culture. I started off by wearing a collar, to sleeping on the floor and crawling around on all fours. I barked and played like a dog with my dogs. I was really getting into playing and acting like a pup and at the time my parents thought it was cute. Then it progress to where I bought my first puppy hood made of cheap leather off of ebay. The first time I put on that puppy hood and looked into the mirror I was as high as cloud number 9. It was a fantastic feeling. I wore the puppy hood at night when I slept keeping it a secret.


I was learning and educating myself about being a human puppy, I quickly learned that some considers being a human puppy a fetish. I stumbled onto many adult websites. To me Pup Play is just pretend, a release from reality into becoming something else for a short time. As one person I came out to as a pup told me "Its like LARP (Live Action Role Play)."


As I became more aware, transforming myself into a puppy I eventually gathered more and more gear from simple spandex shorts and a t-shirt to full latex garments and all the in-betweens to become what is known as human puppy attire. As I tried different materials I eventually chose latex for my main skin.


Growing as a lone pup I knew I needed to have my own pup name. Being on human puppy related websites this was something I needed. I was using my nickname of BINKS on everything but it was time to grow as a human puppy.


Sometimes in a handler / pup relationship a name is given by the pup’s handler I do not agree with this. I believe all pups should be able to choose their own name. I asked for suggestions online from fellow pups. Many names were suggested and thrown out but one eventually stuck, Wubber. I liked the sound of it. I asked the person who came up with the name how and why she suggested it. She said because I am a wolf and I like rubber gear, put the two together Wolf + Rubber = Wubber. I knew that was the name that I would forever be known as when I am in pup mode, I would be forever known as Wubber Pup.

I expect to only be referred to as Wubber when I am in my pup mindset. All other times when I am not in puppy mode I preferred to be called BINKS. BINKS is my nickname that I have had since the late 1990’s so naturally many call me by that name, even some pups in the community. Either way I will respond.



With that being said, Wubber identifies as an omega, a submissive stray, timid and shy, who gets along with other pups as long as they are nice to him. Wubber watches others. He would rather see other pups enjoying themselves having fun than to get into the middle of a mosh and play. Wubber is constantly learning and trying to find his way. Wubber has been told for the way he looks after and watches being protective of other pups he should consider himself a dog rather than a pup. Wubber is not sure of labels; he is a fun loving, caring stray. He usually sits alone and watches what the other pups are up to or hangs out with a few pups that he trusts. He does not like to be in trouble. Call him a pup or dog Wubber will respond.


Wubber is known to cover his body for he does not like to show any human skin.


His main colors are Black with Silver trim though he does have various latex skins to choose from with other colors. It just depends on his mood, environment, who he is with, ect.

Wubber has several hoods that he can wear. He usually wears his black with silver trim pup hood from WetHotRubber. He also has the same hood in solid black. Wubber’s other hoods are a solid black BlackStyle pup hood and a solid black Mr S Leather Neoprene hood.


Wubber does not like breaking rules and always wants to please those who are around him. He loves to be petted. Wubber just wants to be loved and accepted wherever he may roam.


If you see Wubber about, approach him slowly and make it known you are not there to hurt him or he will run away and hide. Do not touch him inappropriately or he may bite you. You have to earn his trust before he will let you attach a leash to his collar. If you see his tail wagging that usually means he is in a good mood and wants attention but if you see him in the corner upset, leave him alone until he is ready to come out and say hello.


If you would like to see some images of Wubber please check out my Photobucket.