The mindset of being a Human Puppy is hard to explain. Basically it is the mental state you put yourself into when being a human pup. For some it is as easy as getting down on all fours and their mindset is there. For others it may be a process or ritual they have to go through to get them into the mindset of being a puppy. I know it might seem bizarre but getting into the puppy state of mind is a serious thing for many pups. If you cannot let go and enjoy your time being a human pup, then being a human pup may not be for you. You have to let go of your inhibitions and become one with being a pup.

So with that all said, I will tell you how I, Wubber Pup gets into the puppy mindset.

Wubber Pup is known to mainly wear rubber (sometimes neoprene or spandex) over 100% of his body for he does not like to show any human skin. Seeing human skin on his body ruins the illusion of being a human puppy.

While getting all geared up, to my human state of mind it is just a costume. But when the pup hood is on and the collar is finally fastened around my neck I look into a mirror to see a rubber puppy all clad in latex from head to toe staring back at me, then my human mindset transfers into the puppy mindset and Wubber Pup is active.  For me seeing myself staring back from within a mirror in a form that is not my human form, will really help my mind say this is you, become what you see in front of you. I see a human puppy, I see Wubber Pup staring back at me, this is who I am.




I will remain that way as long as nothing interferes with the set mindset. If my mindset is broken while being Wubber Pup usually I have to stop for the illusion is ruined for me. Sometimes I can get right back into the proper mindset but it may take a moment. I can be snapped out of the pup mindset very quickly. My mind wonders and sometimes I get really deep into the pup mindset where I am totally in the mindset of being a pup and sometimes just enough to be able to enjoy being a pup. It all depends on the situation, environment, my comfort level, ect.


If all goes well and when it is time for me to return to being human again, I have a process that I like to do to help me get back to reality.

Two processs actually; if I am out at a pup event / mosh and there is not really anywhere to undress I can just remove my hood and and I snap out of my puppy mind set, all I see is myself in a costume, and I am human and no longer a human pup. At times like this when I am a pup I do not get really deep into the puppy mindset, I am just there to have fun and play with my fellow pups.

But if I am at home or some location where it is more intimate I like to have my mitts taken off and my boots or whatever foot wear I am wearing. I then go to the shower alone and wash myself while still in my rubber gear. As I wash a start to remove my rubber covering slowly I see my human skin revealed and when it is completely removed I wash my human body and I am just my human self again. The shower is a process that removes my pup mindset and reveals my human self. It is a transformation process. In this type of pup situation I am much deeper in the puppy mindset.

One thing I want to touch on is being in a different state of mind, some may say it is a bad thing. Some say it is a form of having a bipolar or multiple personalities. I have to disagree and say that a person who sets their mind at portraying a character, a puppy in this case means they are dedicated to acting out the role. I feel it is just that, roleplaying and it is no different that an actor portraying a character on stage or in a movie. You become something that you are not for a short time and if you do that in a healthy manner, it should be of no consequence. You just have to remember that all who are in the scene must observe and practice communication and safety.


However you decide to get into your mindset of being a human puppy, just get there and have fun. If you feel that something is not correct or taking control in a bad way, stop and take a break.

When you can let go of your human worries for a short time to be a pup it makes the whole experience of being a pup much better. Find your process, it may or may not be easy but you will find it and when you do, the rewards are worth it.